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American Institute of Physics



October 1999
Volume 5, Number 5


Young researcher pushes display technology
Field-emission displays are one of the most promising technologies for the flat-panel industry. Alec Talin at Motorola is helping to resolve critical issued to prepare for the broad commercial market – Jennifer Oullette

Plasma-aided manufacturing for microelectronics
As circuit size continues to drop, there is increasing use of high-density plasma etching and deposition processes that involve new phenomena and require more sophisticated simulation and analysis – Eric J. Lerner


Insect life elucidated; High-Tc motors; Nanotubes; "Mr Science" dies



Book Review


Stimulating inventiveness at college – Nancy Forbes

Will Japanese science re-invent itself? - Nancy Forbes

Ten steps to a high-tech startup – Duncan MacVicar

Corporate Associates
Gas and gasoline - Angela Putney

Big five at centennial display - Patrick Young

New Products




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