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American Institute of Physics



December 2000
Volume 6, Number 6


Space-based earth sensing
There are more than two dozen distinct commercial markets for airborne and spaceborne imagery of Earth. The fraction of sales from satellites has been steadily growing, and several countries have gained a toehold in remote sensing, an industry about to exceed $2 billion in annual sales---David L. Glackin

Exploiting molecular self-assembly
Molecular self-assembly is a powerful method for assembling atomically precise devices. Much of nature is a product of self-assembly, and harnessing these forces will provide a critical component in the fabrication of nanoscale machinery and microelectronics---Jennifer Oullette


Nobel prizes honor innovations in electronics--–Eric J. Lerner

Visonary projects, far-reaching potentials---Patrick Young

Physics of the Internet;
analog model of neurons; nanotube switches; modeling nanojets; who hires bachelors?
---Eric J. Lerner



Should you copyright it?---William M. Borchard

Industral Liason Progam at MIT---Nancy Forbes

Electronics in Seattle---James H. Kaufman

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