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American Institute of Physics



December/January 2001
Volume 7, Number 6


Seeing the future in photonic crystals
Just as semiconductors control the flow of electrons, photonic crystals promise to control the flow of photons. Start-up companies are preparing waveguides and spectral filters. Lasers, light-emitting diodes, and other applications are waiting in the wings---Jennifer Ouellette


Briefs: Neurons on a chip; cellular manipulator; fast-ignition laser fusion; super buckyballs---Eric J. Lerner

Smart ceramics transform structural shapes
Macrofiber composites are flexible and can control strong vibrations---Ted Lynch

A sensor for underground tunnels?
The 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for research into Bose-Einstein condensates, which may have some interesting applications---Eric J. Lerner



Forum: Crossing disciplines with physics
--Kenneth C. Haas

Technology: Here come the microengines
--Carol Livermore

Careers: Careering through optics
--Jeff Schoenwald


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