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American Institute of Physics



December-January 2003/2004
Volume 9, Issue 6


Smart fluids move into the marketplace
Smart fluids solidify in the presence of an electrical or magnetic field and re-liquefy when that force is removed. Applications range from dampers for vehicle vibration control to rotary brakes for aerobic exercise equipment.

Understanding and predicting space weather
When streams of charged particles from the sun interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, there can be serious consequences for electrical power grids, communications networks (radio, television, and telephone), and satellite operations.

Compact accelerator neutron generators
These small devices are useful for detecting and quantifying different elements in a variety of materials and find applications in identifying explosives, chemical weapons, and nuclear materials.

Rapid prototyping of aluminum
A computer-guided laser polymerizes a pattern in a powdered mixture of aluminum, magnesium, and nylon to form a skeleton of 50% metal that is infiltrated with liquid aluminum to form the high-precision part.


Briefs: Infrared tissue scans; Better electronic paper; Rapid manufacturing; Flipping storage fields


Forum: North of the border

Societies:  The Optical Society of America