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American Institute of Physics



December 1995
Volume 1, Number 2


Controlling automobile emissions
Continued reduction in emissions from vehicles powered by internal combustion depends on advanced emissions-sensing technology and feedback control – J.T. Woestman and E.M. Logothetis

Industrial research takes a turn
Despite past advances spawned by curiosity-driven research, the current research and development environment encourages industry to turn toward planned projects – Mike May


GPS industry poised for explosive growth
Commercial global positioning systems products are expected to reach at least $5 billion in annual sales by the year 2000, creating some 100,000 jobs in the process – Jennifer Ouellette

How much is an industrial physicist worth?
The median salary for PhD physicists in industry in 1994 was $75,000, according to a survey of members by the American Institute of Physics – Ken McNaughton

Ketchen of IBM wins industrial physics award


Editorial Who are we? – Ken McNaughton

Letters to the Editor

Becoming a consultant– Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon

Improving measurements of low level voltage and resistance – Thomas Hayden and John Yeager

Big bucks for small businesses – Kathleen Billie

Reengineering industry's role in university education – James McGrodd

New Products



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