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American Institute of Physics



December 1997
Volume 3, Number 4


Life after silicon: Ultrascale computing
Despite the promise of a new road map for silicon-based integrated circuits, there is some "high risk-high payoff" research being conducted on alternative computing technologies, including cellular engineering, cultured neural networks, and quantum computing – Nancy Forbes

Industrial ecology at the crossroads
The next step toward global sustainability will require major advances: new materials, new processes, and new attitudes on the part of industrial researchers and developers – Tom Graedel


Materials competition for flat-panel displays
Although liquid crystal displays account for as much as 99% of all flat-panel displays shipped, there are at least three other technologies that are competing for a share in the market that could hit $30 billion by 2002 – Jennifer Ouellette

Cold plasma thin films; flywheel technology; "smart" highways; radiation detector; megasonic cleaning – David Pope


Vision, technology, and motivation – Charles Harris


Ultrahigh-speed electronic imaging – David Bowley, Joseph Honour, and Brian Speyer

Hidden Physicists
Not lost in the crowd

In salute of excellence – Pat Young

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