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New Products

The New Products section is based on information supplied by the manufacturers. The Industrial Physicist can assume no responsibility for its accuracy. Only a few new product press releases can be selected for each issue. High-quality color art is taken into account in the selection process, as well as newsworthiness and relevance to physicists in industry. Mail releases to: New Products, The Industrial Physicist, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, or e-mail The New Product department won a 2004 editorial award from Trade Association Business Publications International.

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Jacketed piping

TamaRink supplies a full line of jacketed piping that provides a more uniform and steady control than electric or steam trace pipe for transferring viscous materials, including molten metal, coal-tar pitch, polymers, and corn syrup. TamaRink’s jacketed piping consists of a heated outer pipe and an inner pipe that transfers the viscous material. Fully heating the inner pipe provides more-uniform and better control of the material. The jacketed piping comes in straight lengths, elbows, 90°, tees, and valve configurations with various types of flanges. Users can obtain pipes with steel, stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, or Hastelloy on the inside, and carbon steel or a similar metal on the outside. Inside pipe is available from 0.5 to 14 in. inner diameter and outside pipe from 1 to 16 in. inner diameter.

TamaRink Jacketed & Specialty Piping
36 Lanides Lane
Leominster, MA 01453

Multifunction Cards

United Electronic has introduced its new group of multifunction cards called PowerDAQ PD2-MF-3M/12. The new cards, which replace the company’s 1-MHz cards, provide aggregate throughput rates of 3 MHz on either 16 or 64 analog input channels with 12-bit resolution— at no increase in price. They are available for the PCI bus, and the analog front end provides either 16 or 64 multiplexed inputs that feed a 3-MHz, 12-bit analog–digital converter. The cards come with instrumentation amplifiers for either high- or low-level signals. Other features include dual 12-bit analog outputs, each running at 200 kilosamples/s, 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, and three user counter–timers.

United Electronic Industries
611 Neponset Street
Canton, MA 02021

Serial Radio

serial radioLocus’s new frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum OS2400-485 radio operates in the license-free 2.4-GHz band, works in high-interference environments, and can be configured to operate in point-to-point, broadcast, or point-multipoint modes with built-in addressable, multidrop RS-485 operation. Its 32 channels allow multiple networks to operate efficiently in the same area. The radio has a rugged, industrial DIN railmountable enclosure, comes shock- and vibration-tested, can withstand extreme temperatures, and carries a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Locus, Inc.
5540 Research Park Drive
Fitchburg Center
Madison, WI 53711

AFM Probe

AFM probeNanoWorld’s new Hybrid-Nitride AFM probe for contact-mode operation has two triangular cantilevers on one side and two rectangular cantilevers on the other side of a chip made from SU-8 epoxy material. Its silicon nitride cantilevers have very low force constants and integrated oxide sharpened, pyramidal tips with a height of 3.5 µm. All the cantilevers are stress-compensated and have an 80-nm chromium-titaniumgold coating on the back side for high laser reflectivity. The tip is sited 4 µm behind the free end of the cantilever. Special features enable easy handling and prevent mechanical contact between the chip and sample.

NanoWorld AG
Jaquet-Droz 1 CH-2007
Neuchatel, Switzerland

Radiology Work Table

work tableAnthro now makes and markets Carl’s Table for use in radiology facilities in the United States and Canada. The table was developed by AO Medical Products of Sweden in cooperation with radiologists, ergonomic experts, and sight physiologists to provide an ideal workstation for reading X-ray and other images in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and veterinary and dental facilities. Carl’s Table, known in Europe as the AW-170 table, provides motorized height and tilt adjustment to facilitate all individual work positions, whether sitting or standing. The tilting surface supports the forearm and shoulders, which decreases the risk of musculoskeletal problems. Carl’s Table provides glarefree lighting and includes a sound absorption and privacy panel.

Anthro Corp.
10450 SW Manhasset Drive
Tualatin, OR 97062


Acqiris has introduced two new highspeed 3U single-slot PXI digitizers for waveform recording with any PXI or CompactPCI chassis. The DC140 and DE135 digitizers deliver bandwidths of 1 GHz and 500 MHz, respectively, and provide channel multiplexing that allows users to select single- or dual-channel data acquisition, effectively doubling the available sampling rate and acquisition memories. The two digitizers integrate well with complementary instrumentation modules used for telecommunications, lidar, radar, semiconductors, ultrasonic, mechanics, and physics applications. Both units include the Acqiris Ctrl I/O, a front-panel system that simplifies system integration and facilitates synchronization with users’ existing systems.

Acqiris USA
P.O. Box 2203, 234 Cromwell Hill Road
Monroe, NY 10950

Vacuum Pump

vacuum pumpBOC Edwards has upgraded its 18B4 high-throughput vacuum pump and added features that enable easier maintenance and operation. The new version, the 18B4B, includes a clean-out port and, as options, oillevel and temperature-measurement sensors. The new features reduce maintenance and minimize downtime lost to low oil levels or loss of heaters. The 18B4B’s clean-out port measures about 200 mm in diameter and sits atop the boiler, with access provided through a removable panel for quick cleaning. The two optional ultrasonic sensors can be fitted to opposite sides of the boiler.

BOC Edwards
Manor Royal Crawley, RH10 9LW, England

Digital Positioners

digital positionerFlowserve’s two new series of high-performance digital positioners provide quick setup and calibration of either diaphragmor piston-operated valves without the need for additional handheld devices, software, or configuration/calibration tools. The explosion-proof Logix 3200IQ series and intrinsically safe 500si series use state-ofthe- art piezo technology and inner-loop feedback to provide superior performance, control, and reliability with minimal air consumption. The positioners are compact, lightweight, and modular, and are useful in oil and gas production and refining, chemical processing, pulp and paper production, and other industries using control valves.

Flowserve Corp.
5215 North O’Connor Boulevard, Suite 2300
Irving, TX 75039

Data Acquisition

data acquisition systemHEM Data has released Dawn 2.0, a personal- computer-based software and hardware system for acquiring engineering data from an in-vehicle network for use in analyzing a vehicle’s performance. It works with networks conforming to the CAN and J1850 standards. Dawn acquires data from the vehicle’s sensors and also allows users to add sensors to simultaneously gather information directly with analog–digital hardware. It displays data in real time as a Y-T or X-Y plot, strip chart, or digital, analog, or bar meter. Up to 64 channels of data can be overplotted on one graph, and up to 100 graphs can be displayed at one time on a monitor screen.

HEM Data Corp.
17320 12 Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48076-2105

Optical Table

optical tableKinetic Systems has added the 5100T series optical table to its Vibraplane line for precise laboratory applications in the optical field. The new table provides tuned and broadband vibration damping and a flat, stiff, highly damped surface with high natural frequency. The 5100T series is available in lengths up to 20 ft, widths up to 6 ft, and thicknesses up to 36 in. The tables come standard with a ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin, a carbon steel bottom skin, and a proprietary epoxy-bonded steel honeycomb core design that seals entire rows of mounting holes to protect the tables from spills and cleaning fluids.

Kinetic Systems, Inc.
20 Arboretum Road
Boston, MA 02131

Orientation Sensor

orientation sensorMicroStrain has introduced its new 3DMGX1 microsensor, which combines the outputs from three angular-rate gyros with three orthogonal dc accelerometers and three orthogonal magnetometers. Its embedded microprocessor contains a programmable, complementary filtering algorithm, which blends the static and dynamic outputs of the sensors to provide stabilized pitch, roll, and yaw measurements under dynamic and static conditions. The 3DM-GX1 operates over the full 360° of angular motion in all three axes and provides orientation in matrix, quaternion, and Euler angle formats. Typical applications include platform stabilization, robotics, dynamic antenna pointing, and biomedical research.

MicroStrain, Inc.
310 Hurricane Lane, Unit 4
Williston, VT 05495

Data Modules

National Instruments’ five new USB data acquisition (DAQ) products make access to the company’s DAQ hardware as easy as plugging a USB cable into a computer. The new USB family includes the DAQPad- 6015 and DAQPad-6016, which provide 16-bit accuracy and a maximum sampling rate of 200 kilosamples/s. The USB-9211 and 9215 deliver integrated signal conditioning and are the first in a series of single-function USB DAQ devices. And the SCXI-1600 module provides plugand- play USB connectivity to 40 measurement modules within the NI SCXI signal conditioning platform.

National Instruments Corp.
11500 North Mopac Expressway
Austin, TX 78759-3504

Information Management Software

field shotQuality Systems’ latest WinLIMS, its signature laboratory information management system, provides extensive functionality for environmental analysis, including simplifying and speeding sample entry. A sample taken at a remote site can be logged directly into the WinLIMS database using a wireless link or the World Wide Web. The sampling routine, analytical parameters, and other information can be automatically predefined, which eliminates the need for manual data entry. Quality assurance and quality control procedures, necessary for demonstrating the validity of the analytical results, can be scheduled and operated using WinLIMS.

Quality Systems International Corp.
445 Godwin Avenue
Midland Park, NJ 07432

Camera Control Software

camera control softwarePhotron USA has released Motion Tools, the first automated slow-motion-analysis camera-control software package to reach the market. The new software, designed for use with the company’s personal-computer- based high-speed video cameras, includes automatic single-point tracking or a manual- tracking capability that captures 1 to 4 points per frame. Optional modules available for Motion Tools include a data acquisition module that can record up to 16 channels of external ASCII data from load cells, accelerometers, microphones, and pressure transducers. The software’s enhanced analysis feature can track up to 18 trajectories simultaneously.

Photron USA, Inc.
9520 Padgett Street, Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92136-4446