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TIP was very successful in its 10-year history. Started as a supplement to Physics Today in July 1995, it soon became a magazine in its own right, with 4 issues per year in 1996 and 6 issues per year in 1999. It quickly grew from 10,000 to 60,000 subscribers and won national awards for circulation and editorial. Reader surveys always came back with stunning approval ratings. Unfortunately, costs continued to rise but advertising revenues did not, and the financial model became unsustainable.

We want to thank our readers and advertisers, many of whom have been with the magazine since the outset. We will cherish all the people we have communicated with through the pages of this remarkable magazine. TIP did a lot to show the importance of physics and physicists in high-tech companies.

The American Institute of Physics will continue to serve scientists and engineers bringing their physics training to bear on the technologies and products of commercial companies. We will continue to keep the archived material in TIP active and available at




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