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In September 1997, The Industrial Physicist published an article by John Rigden called "Find the Hidden Physicist" (pp. 52-53). In it, Rigden pointed out that, while engineers are usually called engineers and chemists are usually called chemists, industry tends to hide its physicists under a variety of other titles, such as engineers and scientists, and this has some negative effects on the profession. This article inspired many readers to respond, and so a new department was started in the magazine, called "Hidden Physicists."

You can review all of these articles, starting with the most recent, by clicking the list below. If you would like to respond, e-mail tip@aip.org, write The Industrial Physicist, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843, or fax 301-209-0842. The American Institute of Physics, which publishes The Industrial Physicist, has started a study group to help resolve some of these issues.

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