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  Smart fluids solidify in the presence of an electrical or magnetic field and re-liquefy when that force is removed. Applications range from dampers for vehicle vibration control to virtual surgery. (see animation at lower right)

Credit: Lord Corporation © 2004. Lord and Rheonetic are trademarks of Lord Techmark, Inc., a subsidiary of Lord Corporation.

  A computer simulation depicting the disintegration of a double-wall nanotube as the temperature rises from absolute zero to 7,800 K.
  (Credit: David Tomanek, Michigan State University)
  A computer simulation depicting a nanotube-based memory element in which the two stable positions of the red metallofullerene at the ends of the capsule can be associated with "bit 0" and "bit 1".
  (Credit: Young-Kyun Kwon, Michigan State University)
  Pavarotti singing an aria, recorded on a tiny silicon microphone
  (see "The Incredible shrinking microphone")
  Computer animation modeling tide variability
  (see "Computer models define tide variability")
  Color matching exercise
  (see "Color matching in the internet era")




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