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Article title Subject Organization
Switching from physics to biology biophysics various
Young researcher pushes display technology Alec Talin Motorola
Shirley Jackson puts a new face on physics Shirley Jackson Rensselaer Polytehnic Institute
Developing fiber optic communications Greg Sanger Spectra-Physics
Physicist leads theory group at Microsoft Jennifer Chayes Microsoft
Inventing high-tech instruments Venky Venkatesan Neocera/UMCP
The transition to high-tech management M. Cynthia Hipwell Seagate Technology
Careering through optics Jeff Schoenwald Optics
One hundred thousand questions C.P. Yang OriginLab
You, too can be an entrepreneur --- ---
The job future for MRI physicists --- ---
What makes an employable physicist? --- ---
A theoretical physicist in Argentine industry Alberto Pignotti ---
From physics to marketing Santanu Bhattacharya OriginLab
Physicist transformed the quality of management W. Edwards Deming ---
Health physicists: a breed apart --- ---
Chaos at 35,000 feet William L. Ditto ---
Physicists graduate from Wall Street --- ---
The physicist as quality engineer --- ---
Will your business succeed? Jing Tian ---




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