Assembly of Society Officers - 2020

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AIP Assembly of Officers 2020

AIP Member and Affiliated Societies convene to discuss areas of mutual concern at the annual Assembly of Society Officers. Session topics range from challenges/innovations in scientific publishing to public policy issues, from supporting/growing the membership base to trends in philanthropic giving, from supporting science education to promoting science as a viable career choice to a diverse population. The Assembly is also a forum where Member and Affiliated Society representatives can become better acquainted and share ideas.


2020 Agenda - March 26, 2020

10:00 am  Session I: TEAM-UP as a Model of Culture Change  
The AIP National Task Force to Elevate African American Representation in Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy (TEAM-UP) has completed a two-year investigation into the reasons for the persistent underrepresentation of African Americans in physics. This session will address how scientific societies might act on the Task Force's recommendations, examine culture change as a driver of diversity, equity and inclusion, and invite attendees to consider how the TEAM-UP model can be applied to other disciplines.

Session Chair: Mary James, Dean for Institutional Diversity Chair, A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics, Reed College; Co-chair, TEAM-UP

     The TEAM-UP Report: Major Findings and Recommendations​
     Mary James, Dean for Institutional Diversity Chair, A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics, Reed College; Co-chair, TEAM-UP

     Systemic Change: TEAM-UP and Beyond​
     Edmund Bertschinger, Professor of Physics; Co-chair, TEAM-UP

Q&A Session, 10 minutes

     Making Astronomy More Inclusive
     Meg Urry, Israel Munson Professor of Physics, Yale University; Past President, American Astronomical Society

     Fostering Campus Systemic Change in Support of Physics Student Success​
     Susan Elrod, Chancellor, Indiana University South Bend

Q&A Session, 10 minutes

Extended discussion

12:15 pm  Adjourn


The other portions of the Assembly are postponed to a later date.


Posters/Communicating the Value of Society Publishers
The Communications & Messaging Working Group of the AIP-convened Physical Sciences & Engineering Publishing Dialog (a group of concerned AIP Member and Affiliated Societies) is working to promote the value that scientific association publishers bring to science and society. The group will share their work on the development of messaging for key stakeholder groups and seek feedback to inform their efforts.

Session II: Developing Leadership Skills and Pathways
Societies can bring value to their members by developing their leadership skills that are not traditionally part of a scientist’s training, helping them advance in their careers (with managerial and business skills) and providing pathways to leadership. This session will focus on practical steps societies can take to train better leaders to excel in their disciplines.

Chair: Susan Avery, President and Director Emeritus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; AIP Board Member  

    The STEM leadership training void: A role for scientific societies​  
     Carl Cohen, Ph.D., President, Science Management Associates

     Mentoring Future Leaders
     Matthew Thompson, Technology Development Manager at BAE Systems, Inc.; APS Committee on Careers & Professional Development   

     One Society’s Approach to Leadership   
     Lily Wang, Associate Dean for Faculty and Inclusion, University of Nebraska – Lincoln; Past President, Acoustical Society of America


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