Assembly of Society Officers - 2018

The 2018 Assembly of Society Officers took place on March 29, 2018.


8:30am  Breakfast

9:00am  Welcome

9:10  Session I: The New Reality of Science Policy

A look at how science and the scientific community has been affected by recent policy developments and the current Administration, and the outlook for science funding in 2018-2019. We will discuss how might scientific societies recalibrate to optimize their efforts, effective grass roots approaches to advocacy, and setting priorities.

Chair:  Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer, AAS

10:10  Discussion

11:05  Break

11:25  Session II: Communicating Science to Gain Public Trust

Skepticism of science and scientists grows with each instance of non-reproducibility, retraction, and science-related fake news in the media. How can scientists combat this to protect their reputation and build public trust and respect for science? Is there a role for scientific societies to address this on a broad scale?

Chair:  James Riordon, Head of Public Relations, APS

12:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm    Discussion

2:15  Session III: Positioning Your Society for the Age of Open Science

Open Science, including both Open Access and Open Data, is the future of the scientific enterprise. This session will address the latest developments in the Open Science movement, opportunities for scientific societies to enable sharing of science, how can we best support researchers, and what possible revenue streams might develop as a result.

Chair:  Beth Cunningham, Executive Officer, AAPT

3:05  Break

3:15  Discussion

4:00  Closing Remarks

4:15 Adjourn to reception (ends ~5:30pm)


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