Carl M. Cohen

Carl M. Cohen, Ph.D., President, Science Management Associates

Dr. Carl M. Cohen is an experienced executive with over 30 years of strategic and operational expertise in the biotechnology industry and in biomedical research and administration. He has proven skills in building consensus among diverse stakeholders and in identifying and resolving organizational roadblocks to success. Dr. Cohen is a thought leader in the field of management and leadership training for scientists and technical professionals. Carl is co-author, with his wife Suzanne L. Cohen, Ed.D., of Lab Dynamics: Management and Leadership Skills for Scientists, Carl has done training and on-site management consulting for Universities, top ten pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and government agencies both in the US and internationally. He is the founding Director of and has run the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Workshop Leadership in Bioscience since 2011.

Talk title

The STEM leadership training void: A role for scientific societies


Scientists in supervisory and mentoring roles spend between 40% and 70% of their time doing things for which they have never received any training, including managing a team, setting goals, giving feedback on performance, mentoring trainees, and managing or resolving conflict.  While many private sector organizations provide training for those who manage others, academia continues to ignore this growing problem. Because scientific societies bring together scientists from multiple institutions with similar needs, they are ideally positioned to help address this training lapse. Providing training opportunities at annual meetings could greatly enhance a society’s relevance to its members.