Edwin Krupp

Gemant Award

For 40 years of extraordinary public outreach and education through planetarium shows and programs, award-winning popular books, articles, television programs, exhibits, lectures and public events, as well as for his outstanding archaeoastronomical research, exploring the links between astronomy and ancient culture.

About the Winner

Edwin Krupp

E.C. Krupp is an astronomer and Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. He received a bachelor’s degree from Pomona College in physics/astronomy and his M.A. and Ph.D. in astronomy from UCLA, where he studied the properties of rich clusters of galaxies as a student of Professor George O. Abell. Krupp began working at Griffith Observatory in 1970 as a part-time planetarium lecturer when he was still in graduate school. He has been director since 1974.

Since 1973, Krupp has been active in the study of ancient, prehistoric and traditional astronomy and is recognized internationally for this work. He is the author and editor of five books on this subject and has personally visited, studied, and photographed nearly 2,000 ancient, historic and prehistoric sites throughout the world.

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