Geraldine Cox

Gemant Award

For articulating deep physics concepts through visual arts and other media, reaching a remarkable range of people in innovative ways and sharing her passion for the expression of physical truths

About the Winner

Geraldine Cox, winner of the 2020 Andrew Gemant Award

Following a break from the sciences after earning her bachelor of science degree in physics from Loughborough University, Geraldine Cox went on to study fine art at the City and Guilds of London Art School. After connecting with Imperial College London quantum physics professor Terry Rudolph, the two applied for an Artist in Residence grant through the Leverhulme Trust, which fosters interdisciplinary collaboration. They received the grant in 2011, and Cox has been the artist in residence at Imperial College since then, working closely with scientists there as well as at other British and American universities. The grant project has evolved to encompass a range of media including the visual and performing arts