Gemant Award Winners

Daniel Altschuler

For his decades of work bringing the excitement and beauty of physics and astronomy to the 4 million people of Puerto Rico, through his creation of The Angel Ramos Foundation Visitor Center at the Arecibo Observatory, his books and his own translations of them into Spanish, and through his popular articles, blog, and workshops for teachers and journalists

Brian Schwartz

For ingenious creativity in engaging the public with the history and cultural aspects of physics and for inventing ways to celebrate physics through such varied vehicles as plays, musicals, exhibitions, street fairs, cabaret, posters, and opera.

John Rigden

For a lifetime of enlightenment of physicists and the public. As a teacher, researcher, scholar, writer and editor, he has been an Ambassador of good will for the physics community par excellence

Andrew Fraknoi

For more than thirty years of effectively communicating his deep understanding and passion for physics and astronomy.

Marcia Bartusiak

For a body of work that has won high praise from critics, scientists, and general audiences alike.

Dr. Hans Christian von Baeyer

In recognition of his authorship of many highly acclaimed articles and books and his delivery of countless lectures that illustrate his dedication and ability to communicate physics to wide audiences.


For his efforts to make science understandable to a large audience and for his vision and leadership within the museum community. His understanding and love of physics inform his creative work and have insured that physics has become more deeply embedded into human culture.

Brian Greene

For eloquently and accurately interpreting the central concerns of a large body of active and profound physics research to the general public and to fellow physicists specializing in other fields. His book, The Elegant Universe, skillfully describes the exhilaration and frustrations of those who probe the ultimate nature of space, time, and matter. Greene’s work and public lectures have made some of the most sophisticated concepts viscerally accessible and thoroughly entertaining, bringing us to a closer understanding of how the universe works.

Michael Riordan

For skillfully conveying the excitement and drama of science and for clarifying important scientific ideas through his books, articles, and many television programs. Riordan’s work has enhanced the public’s appreciation of physics as a source of beneficial applications and as an integral part of our intellectual life.


For excellence in the interpretation of physics to the public through numerous newspaper and magazine articles, books, lectures, and television productions.