Gemant Award Winners


For the clarity of his writing for the lay reader on the major issues of modern physics.

Gerald Holton

For his own work at the interface between the humanities and physics as a leading historian of science, and for his major contributions in interpreting physics to the public through his public lectures and media presentations [and] for his key role in development of a new curriculum of physics in secondary schools

Freeman T Dyson

For his creative writing on science, art and society in which he blends wide experience, a deep knowledge of and love for physics, and imaginative insight, producing books of high artistic merit, read and enjoyed by a wide public.

Philip Morrison

For deep and broad contributions to our understanding of the aesthetic dimension of physics. In our day of specialists, he is the ultimate generalist, celebrating the joy of unbridled intellectual curiosity. Through his writings, his stimulation of others, his teaching of colleagues and students, his films and television production, he has epitomized the values embodied in the Gemant Award.