Tate Medal Winners

For leadership in building and maintaining an enduring ​transnational African mathematical physics research and education community, in particular the COPROMAPH conferences and schools and Academy level international networks.

For her leadership in bringing to fruition some of the most important international astronomical observatories, for her statesmanship through her approaches to the highest political leaders in France, Europe, and Chile, and for her service as president of the International Astronomical Union, among other prestigious organizations.

In recognition of her leadership as Spokesperson of the ATLAS international collaboration and as Director-General of CERN in promoting science as a vehicle for broad international cooperation

For his many contributions to the international physics community, including his creation of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), his directorship of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada, and his many lectures and publications

In recognition of his role spanning more than four decades in bringing together the community of physicists across national and cultural borders through the Rencontres de Moriond and Rencontres de Blois, and for his tireless efforts to build a modern scientific community in Vietnam.

In recognition of his outstanding success in promoting international physics over a long and distinguished career especially for his effective support of Soviet and Eastern European physicists after the breakup of the Soviet Union, his stimulation of the development of accelerator technology throughout Europe, and his leadership in initiating a collaborative facility for synchrotron radiation research in the Middle East

In recognition of four decades of landmark contributions in bringing together the world's condensed matter physics community, the support of young scientists, the creation of important international conferences, and international statesmanship in theoretical physics

For persistently helping scientists from developing countries and working with them to elevate their research programs to international standards.

For his work as a scientist, as a manager of scientific enterprise, and as a leader in international collaboration.

In recognition of his leadership in constructing DESY, building it into a truly international center, and integrating Germany into the world community of high-energy and synchrotron radiation physics.

In recognition of his pivotal contributions to the development of the space physics program in the former Soviet Union and his leadership in supporting and advancing broad internationl cooperation in the study of physical phenomena in space.

For his crucial role in the rebuilding of Italian and European physics following the devastating of World War II, for his leadership in the establishment and operation of CERN as a great international laboratory, and for his many other contributions to international physics.

In recognition of his contributions to the growth of science on an international scale. His own research and that of the groups he created and led have had a major impact on the advance and application of solid state physics throughout the world.

For his great contributions to the progress of theoretical physics all around the world, by offering to scientists of all countries opportunities to collaborate productively.

For taking the lead in creating the European Physical Society.

For his efforts on behalf of the international scientific community.

For his stimulating and unconquerable devotion to conscientious publication in the physical sciences