Members of the AIP Board of Directors

David J. Helfand (2023) - Chair

Michael H. Moloney, Chief Executive Officer

Judy R. Dubno (2024), Corporate Secretary

Acoustical Society of America

Tyrone M. Porter (2023)

American Association of Physicists in Medicine

Bruce H. Curran (2023)

American Association of Physics Teachers

Jack G. Hehn (2025)

American Astronomical Society

Charles E. Woodward (2023)

American Crystallographic Association

Efrain E. Rodriguez (2024)

American Meteorological Society

Michael Morgan (2023)

American Physical Society

James W. Taylor (2023)

AVS - The Science & Technology Society

Susan Burkett (2025)

Optica (formerly OSA)

Elizabeth Rogan (2024)

The Society of Rheology

Eric M. Furst, Board Vice-Chair (2023)

Directors At Large

Susan K. Avery, Treasurer (2025)

Mary James (2025)

Allison Macfarlane (2024)

Nathan Sanders (2024)