David Surman

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David SurmanDavid Surman is the 2016 AVS President and has been a long-standing, active member of the Society. In 2009, Dave accepted the position as the Chair of the Exhibitor & Manufacturers Committee. In 2011, he was elected to the AVS Board of Directors where he served a two-year term from 2012-2013. During his term on the AVS Board of Directors he served as Chair of the Membership Committee, a position he continues to hold. While in this position, he was instrumental in developing and introducing a new membership category, (Technical Specialist), to provide additional opportunities for people to become members and grow the Society.

Additionally he remains focused on enhancing industrial participation within the Society and the Symposium. Dave has also assisted other AVS committees with their efforts to improve and expand such as the History Committee, the Professional Leadership Committee, and the recently formed Industrial Advisory Board that is focused on enhancing the value of the Society to its industrial membership.  He also works closely with the Symposium & Conferences Committee providing input to enhance the attendance. During Dave’s time as an AVS volunteer, he has truly come to appreciate the many new relationships he has made within the AVS community and appreciates the opportunities that AVS has provided him.

Dave is the President of Kratos Analytical Inc. and a Director of its parent company, Kratos Analytical Group PLC located in Manchester, UK. The company focuses on the development of Surface Analysis instrumentation, with an emphasis on X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and related techniques.

He received his B.Sc. in chemistry from the University of Bath (UK) in 1975 and was awarded his Ph.D. in chemistry from the same University in 1978. From 1979 until 1981, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology working with Professor John Vickerman on the development of Fast Atom Bombardment techniques for both surface science and mass spectrometry applications and published some of the earliest work in this area. In 1981, Dave joined Kratos Analytical Ltd. as an applications specialist for their line of Surface Science instrumentation.

After a short period of time serving as an applications specialist with Kratos Analytical Inc. in Ramsey, NJ, in 1983 he joined SOHIO at their research center in Warrensville, OH, where he had responsibility for their Surface Analysis laboratory. His work focused on developing analytical methods based on XPS and SIMS for a wide range of industrial problems from corrosion, to catalysis, photovoltaics and Hydrogen storage.

In 1986 he rejoined Kratos Analytical Inc. in a sales and marketing role and was appointed General Manager of the company in 1994 overseeing all of its sales and marketing efforts in North America. In 2004, he was appointed President of the company and made a Director of the parent Kratos Analytical Group in 2007, roles that he continues to fill to date. He has published 29 papers on surface science, in particular X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and the development of the technique as an analytical tool.