AIP Venture Grants

AIP Venture Grants

The 2024 proposal cycle is Open! Pre-proposals are due June 1.


The AIP Venture Grant program serves AIP’s Strategic Framework Federation Goal through providing opportunities for AIP’s Member Societies (MS) to propose for funding to support collaborative activities with AIP that are strategy-driven and promote growth, increased stature, and innovation in and among the Federation’s Member Societies and Affiliates. The program also serves AIP’s Institute Goal through proposals from MS members, submitted through and with the support of their Society/Association, that will impact the broader physical science community. AIP Affiliates and other societies in the physical sciences, may participate in the program as collaborators on MS proposals, thereby extending the reach of the program into the broader community.

Proposals may be submitted for funding of up to $60k per year for a maximum of 2 years. Brief Pre-Proposals are due on June 1(If invited, full proposals will be due on August 1.)

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Program Information

The AIP Venture Grant program encourages, but does not require, partnerships between the proposing society and other societies. MS staff and individual members of Member Societies are invited to propose for funding through and with the support of their Society on issues of particular relevance to their Society’s strategic vision and/or to their communities.

All proposals require an AIP project partner who will provide help in preparing proposals, in coordinating with AIP programs and activities (if appropriate), and in assuring compliance with program requirements. Proposers can request funding for a period of up to 2 years. Proposals may include Society overhead costs up to but not exceeding 5% of the total budget for the award.

Proposals are solicited that:

  • are strategy-driven and promote growth, increased stature, and innovation in and among the federation’s MS/Affiliates; and/or
  • impact the broader physical science community and/or other audiences.

Proposals for scientific research activities will not be accepted. Proposals for ongoing activities will only be considered where a major new and innovative component is being proposed.

Proposals are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Overall Impact for the physical sciences, participating Member Societies and/or Affiliates, and AIP
  • Strategy-Driven Problem and Its Significance and Relevance for the physical science community, participating Member Societies and/or Affiliates, and AIP
  • Expected Results: Promotion of Growth and Likelihood of Success for the physical sciences, participating Member Societies and/or Affiliates, and AIP
  • Innovation and Unique Aspects of the proposed approach, astute recognition of relevant issue being addressed, and leveraging of resources
  • Methodology and Approach for operational model, achieving results, optimizing delivery, measuring and evaluating impact, etc.
  • Qualifications of the proposed project team and the appropriateness of their expertise to the proposed project

Venture Grant Funding

Each year the AIP Board of Directors will review the Board-designated fund and determine the amount available for awards in the following year. For 2025, AIP has designated $350K for venture grants, including funding for new projects (~$157K), as well as 2nd year funding (~$193K) on certain current awards that are granted continued funding upon review of annual progress reports. (Annual progress reports are due November 1.)  Based on last year's interest, we anticipate a competitive cycle. Proposals with efficient budgets will be reviewed more favorably by the committee.

Venture funding is provided to successful proposers in the form of a grant. These funds cannot generally be used to offset ongoing operating costs (including staff) at AIP or the partner Member Society, but may be used for consultants, interns, or other non-permanent staff for the project. In exceptional circumstances partial support of Member Society regular staff may be allowed upon pre-approval by the AIP Management Liaison. Awarded funds also cannot be used to pay for services provided by or purchased through AIP.

Expended grant funds should align with the proposed budget and be accounted for in the project’s annual and final reports. After the award is made, any revisions related to significant changes in the project’s scope, timing, or cost must be reviewed by the program Advisory Committee and approved by the AIP Management Liaison. At the end of the project, unexpended funds are to be returned to AIP.

AIP’s costs for managing the Venture Grant program, such as convening its advisory committee and administrative expenses (i.e., time spent by the Management Liaison, the AIP project liaisons and finance personnel) are covered under AIP’s annual operating expenses.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We encourage you to consult with the AIP Management Liaison for the program, Liz Dart Caron, as you develop proposals.

Funded Projects

See what innovative projects have been awarded funding for this year and in past years.

Example proposals may involve:

  • A task force, study or pilot project that addresses a major strategic issue for the AIP federation or an individual or subset of Member Societies/Affiliates
  • Convene workshops;
  • A project to help advance aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for an individual or subset of Member Societies/Affiliates; 
  • Conduct data-gathering projects;
  • Launch an innovative media or other public engagement experiment;
  • Launch an advocacy or government relations project or program;
  • Develop a concept (such as education related projects) for a proposal to a funding agency or other source of external funding.

On behalf of the Venture Fund Advisory Committee:

Liz Dart Caron, AIP Management Liaison
Chief of Staff
One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD
Lcaron [at]

Nathan Sanders, Chair
Berkman-Klein Center
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138