Funded Projects - AIP Venture Partnership Program

AIP Venture Fund Graphic

AIP awarded $220,610 in 2018 to fund seven Member Societies’ Venture Partner Fund projects, in partnership with AIP.  Here are the new projects being funded in 2018:

  1. OSA/APS
    “The International Day of Light at ARTECHOUSE”
    An innovative art installation and outreach initiative to celebrate optics, light, and photonics.
  2. AVS
    “Developing Quality Videos for Vacuum Technology Education Purposes”
    This set of videos will enhance and augment pre-college teachers’ understanding science of and in a vacuum.
  3. AAPM
    “Development of an “Ask-the-Expert website”
    This public facing website will provide reliable information to patients and others who need to understand the science, technology, and other questions behind various physics-based medical tools used in cancer and other diseases.
  4. AAS
    “Developing a Data Carpentry Curriculum for Astronomers and Physicists”
    This project will provide an introduction to the tools used in handling big data for researchers to use as they “build” their science.
  5. AAPT
    “AAPT/AIP Master Teacher Policy Fellows”
    This program will train teachers to be advocates at the local level for sound science education policy.

AIP awarded $100,000 to fund five innovative Member Society projects in 2017. 

Grounded in outreach and information products, each Member Society's initiative aims to positively impact the physical sciences community:  

  1. AAS
    Bringing communicating science (ComSciCon) workshops to AIP Member Society graduate students.
    This project will train graduate student members of AIP Member Societies in improving their science communication skills for public outreach.
  2. APS
    The impact of industrial physics on the US economy
    The goal of this project is to prepare a report on the impact of industrial physics on the U.S. economy and U.S. technology excellence.
    Career Pathways project collaboration
    This project will facilitate the formation of a joint collaboration between AAPT, APS, and SPS that will update the current career toolbox for undergraduate students and construct a new toolbox focused on graduate students
  4. OSA/APS
    Speakeasy science
    The program will leverage the DC Science Writers Association membership and other journalists based in Washington to connect scientists with journalists.
  5. SOR
    Panta Rei: The development of rheology-focused K12 outreach events
    The goal of the project is to develop and widely disseminate a series of outreach activities based on the field of rheology.

Proposals for funding in 2019 are due June 22, 2018.

More information on the Venture Partnership Fund and application process.