Office of the Chair

Interim Chair
+1 301-209-3196

David Surman is the 2016 AVS President and has been a long-standing, active member of the Society. In 2009, Dave accepted the position as the Chair of the Exhibitor & Manufacturers Committee. In 2011, he was elected to the AVS Board of Directors where he served a two-year term from 2012-2013. During his term on the AVS Board of Directors he served as Chair of the Membership Committee, a position he continues to hold. While in this position, he was instrumental in developing and introducing a new membership category, (Technical Specialist), to provide additional opportunities for people to become members and grow the Society.

Corporate Secretary
FlippenAnderson [at]
+1 301-209-3196 (Corporate Secretary's Office)

Judith Flippen-Anderson’s primary research centered around small molecule crystallography in the Laboratory for the Structure of Matter at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. She has been the AIP Corporate Secretary since September of 2013.