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John Regazzi is a managing director of Akoya Capital Partners, a private equity investment fund with industry-leading CEOs, proprietary platform companies, experienced management teams and co-investors to create robust, competitive, best-of-class organizations delivering significant shareholder outcomes and return on investment. He heads Akoya’s Professional Information Services practice. In addition to his appointment as chair of the AIP Board of Directors, Regazzi serves on the boards of several nonprofit, for-profit and governmental organizations, including for the last several years on the AIP Publishing Board of Managers.

Corporate Secretary
FlippenAnderson [at]
+1 301-209-3196 (Corporate Secretary's Office)

Judith Flippen-Anderson’s primary research centered around small molecule crystallography in the Laboratory for the Structure of Matter at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. She has been the AIP Corporate Secretary since September of 2013.