Staff Contacts

American Institute of Physics

Executive Director's Office

Robert G. W. Brown, Chief Executive Officer (301) 209-3131 rgwbrown [at]
Margaret Wiley, Senior Executive Secretary (301) 209-3132 mwiley [at]

Office of the Chair

Judith Flippen-Anderson, AIP Corporate Secretary (301) 209-3198 jflippen [at]
Melissa Perry, Assistant to the Corporate Secretary (301) 209-3196 mperry [at]
Eva Adams, Senior Director, AIP and AIPP Governance (301) 209-3125 eadams [at]

Member Society Services

Liz Dart Caron, Senior Director, Member Society Relations (301) 209-3034 lcaron [at]
Philip "Bo" Hammer, Senior Director, Member Society Business Development (301) 209-3142 hammer [at]
Jeff Bebee, Marketing Director (301) 209-3005 jbebee [at]

Finance and Administration

Gigi Swartz, Chief Financial Officer (301) 209-3020 gswartz [at]
Brenda Jones, Executive Secretary (301) 209-3021 bjones [at]
Debra Dillon, Office Services, Manager (301) 209-3105 ddillon [at]


Richee-Lori Smith, Director (301) 209-3176 rsmith [at]
Development - main line (301) 209-3139 ytaylor [at]

Human Resources

Naomi "Nomi" Schmuckler, Director (301) 209-3017 nschmuckler [at]

Web Strategy & Digital Management

Jenny Krivanek, Senior Director, Digital Solutions and Services (301) 209-3135 jkrivanek [at]


Cathy O'Riordan, Chief Operating Officer (301) 209-3124 coriordan [at]

Magazines/Physics Today

Randolph Nanna, Publisher (301) 209-3102 rnanna [at]
Charles Day, Editor-in-Chief (301) 209-3036 cday [at]
Bonnie Feldman, Career Network, Manager (301) 209-3188 bfeldman [at]


Daniel Golombek, Interim/Assistant Director of SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma (301) 209-3009 dgolombe [at]
Education / SPS main line (301) 209-3007 sps [at]

Center for History of Physics

Greg Good, Director (301) 209-3174 ggood [at]

Niels Bohr Library and Archives

Melanie Mueller, Interim Director (301) 209-3179 mmueller [at]

Statistical Research Center

Rachel Ivie, Director (301) 209-3081 rivie [at]

News & Media Services

Jason Socrates Bardi, News Director (240) 535-4954 jbardi [at]

Government Relations

Jennifer Greenamoyer, Senior Government Relations Liaison (301) 209-3104 jgreenamoyer [at]
Michael Henry, Director, Science Policy (301) 209-3094 mhenry [at]

Industry Outreach

Joseph N. York, PhD, Corporate Physics Outreach Manager (301) 209-3016 jyork [at]

AIP Publishing LLC

John Haynes, CEO (516) 576-2253 jhaynes [at]
Wendy Dunn, Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO (516) 576-2253 wdunn [at]