AIP Board of Directors Resolution on Diversity in Member Society Volunteer Appointments

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  • Research shows that diverse perspectives lead to better decision-making and better outcomes, with a stronger ability to identify the range of opportunities and risks;
  • Diverse Boards ensure that differing ideas, experiences, and contexts are available to inform important policy decisions that impact its stakeholder communities;
  • Diversity within leadership structures allows organizations to be in touch with and responsive to the experiences and needs of stakeholders, improving the ability to respond to the ever-changing environment of those served and in which it is working;
  • AIP’s role as a federation seeks to advance the success of its Member Societies and support their common strategic goals, including to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity within their communities;
  • Achieving diversity in Board and other volunteer roles would enable the Institute to be representative of the broad society that supports, participates in, and benefits from the physical sciences.


  • That, for the reasons above, the AIP Board of Directors seeks broad diversity within its membership and among other volunteer roles. Recognizing that many of these positions are filled by its Member Societies, the Board encourages its Member Societies to consider the intrinsic value of diversity when nominating or appointing volunteers.

AIP Board of Directors Approved, September 2019