Nicole Cranberg Crosby

Nicole Cranberg CrosbyNicole Cranberg Crosby is a marketing professional whose interest in physics was instilled by her father, Lawrence Cranberg, PhD.  Born in Los Alamos where her father became a fellow of the Atomic Energy Commission, she is now president of the Texas Fireframe Company which manufactures and markets a product he patented.

A former Sr. VP, Creative Director at Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising, New York, she is an independent creative consultant and advertising copywriter in addition to running the business her father founded. Nicole has developed national advertising campaigns in all media, and has garnered many awards for advertising creativity and effectiveness. She was named outstanding copywriter in the eastern U.S. by Adweek and taught copywriting at the New York School of Visual Arts. She earned a Bachelors of Science with highest honors from the University of Texas School of Communications. Nicole is married with one son, and enjoys gardening, art and advocacy.