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26 Feb 2021

Congress made mostly incremental changes to the budgets of federal STEM education programs for fiscal year 2021, rejecting Trump administration proposals for cuts and restructuring.

24 Feb 2021

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said yesterday the Senate is preparing major competitiveness policy legislation centered around his Endless Frontier Act, which proposes to reconfigure the National Science Foundation. He also said the package could include emergency funding for a new semiconductor chip manufacturing initiative.

23 Feb 2021

The Defense Department’s spending on R&D, test, and evaluation is leveling out after several years of rapid growth and funding for early-stage R&D accounts is increasing 5% to $16.9 billion.

19 Feb 2021

Concerned about the eroding U.S. share of the global microelectronics market, last year Congress fast-tracked legislation focused on bolstering domestic semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. Chip companies are now pressing the Biden administration and Congress to robustly fund the initiatives authorized by the legislation.

11 Feb 2021

Congress’ fiscal year 2021 appropriation for NASA funds all major science missions under development but does not provide the budget the Trump administration had requested to advance its aggressive schedule for a crewed lunar landing.

10 Feb 2021

The U.S. Geological Survey’s budget is increasing 4% to $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2021, with most of the additional funding directed to geological mapping, water monitoring, and landslide hazards programs.

9 Feb 2021

The National Institutes of Health is receiving a 3% funding increase in fiscal year 2021, bringing its total budget to just under $43 billion. This is the sixth year in a row the agency has received a boost of over $1 billion. Most of NIH’s component institutes will receive budget increases of between 1.5% and 3%, except for those focused on aging and minority health disparities, which will see significantly larger increases.

8 Feb 2021

A Trump administration rule requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to give less weight to certain scientific studies was voided last week after Biden’s EPA declined to defend it in court.

5 Feb 2021

President Biden has set in motion a wide-ranging review of federal scientific integrity policies and directed agencies to bolster their efforts to support evidence-based decision making. 

3 Feb 2021

Science policy was subject to a variety of pressures during the Trump administration, not least during the COVID-19 pandemic, though many science programs have thrived nonetheless, owing to bipartisan support in Congress.


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