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Budget & Appropriations

FYI tracks the president’s science-related budget requests submitted to Congress as well as the development and consideration of appropriations legislation in the House and Senate. Detailed information, including tables, is also available in AIP’s Federal Science Budget Tracker.


15 Jul 2020

House appropriators have advanced legislation that would provide billions of dollars in one-time “emergency” funding to DOE, citing a need to support economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The additional funds include $6.25 billion for research facilities and equipment projects within the DOE Office of Science.

24 Jun 2020

A bipartisan group of lawmakers recently introduced legislation that would channel billions of dollars into manufacturing incentives and new R&D streams to bolster U.S. semiconductor manufacturing in the face of increasing international competition.

28 May 2020

The National Science Foundation would get a massive new technology directorate, and a new name, under a bipartisan bill unveiled this week that envisions pumping $100 billion into the agency over five years.

28 Apr 2020

President Trump’s fiscal year 2021 budget request largely repeats past proposals to cut STEM education programs across federal science agencies, while also proposing a new STEM initiative at the Department of Education focused on Minority Serving Institutions.

21 Apr 2020

Scientific societies and university associations have proposed emergency measures to address disruptions to the research enterprise from the coronavirus pandemic, hoping Congress will include them in its next broad relief package.

17 Apr 2020

The budget for the National Nuclear Security Administration would continue its recent rapid rise under the Trump administration’s latest proposal for the agency, jumping 18% to just under $20 billion.

8 Apr 2020

The Department of Defense is seeking a marginal decrease in its Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation budget, which is currently at a record-high level of $109 billion. Prioritizing work on near-term technologies, the department proposes a 13% cut for its early-stage Science and Technology accounts.

27 Mar 2020

Coronavirus response legislation signed into law today includes funding to expand federal research efforts and aid universities disrupted by the pandemic.

26 Mar 2020

The Trump administration is once again proposing to eliminate the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy and slash the budgets of many of the Department of Energy’s applied R&D programs. Within reduced toplines, the department would prioritize crosscutting initiatives as well as facilities projects such as the multibillion dollar Versatile Test Reactor.

25 Mar 2020

The U.S. Geological Survey’s budget would drop 24% to $971 million under the Trump administration’s request for fiscal year 2021, with only the Energy and Mineral Resources mission area spared from cuts. The administration also repeats its proposal to restructure the agency's seven science mission areas.