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Climate Change

As climate change grows in importance as a societal and environmental issue affecting the nation and the world, FYI is committed to covering climate research policy and funding. FYI tracks policy developments that have implications for the conduct of climate science and congressional oversight of federally funded climate science.

12 Mar 2020

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s long-awaited energy innovation legislation is in limbo after a dispute broke out during floor debate over proposed add-on provisions.

8 Jan 2020

The American Geophysical Union has revised its position statement on climate change to declare that the situation represents a “crisis.” It has also submitted input to the House Climate Crisis Committee, which plans to make legislative recommendations this spring.

20 Dec 2019

This year's National Defense Authorization Act includes numerous provisions bearing on science and technology policy, including ones establishing a Space Force, creating a Climate Security Advisory Council, and directing the Defense Department’s research security efforts.

6 Dec 2019

Ways to increase public trust in science through improved communication were explored this week at a conference convened by the MIT Technology Review. National Academy of Sciences President Marcia McNutt delivered a keynote address on ways researchers can better signal to the public what features of science build trust in individual studies.

14 Nov 2019

Former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is working to build congressional support for a major interagency R&D initiative designed to bring down the cost of carbon dioxide removal technologies over ten years.

5 Sep 2019

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director Kelvin Droegemeier spoke with FYI about the administration’s latest R&D priorities memorandum, which includes new emphases on upholding research integrity and better characterizing the predictability of earth systems.

13 Aug 2019

The House and Senate have completed work on their respective versions of the annual legislation that updates U.S. defense policy. The bills include numerous proposals related to DOD’s research laboratories, innovation policy, nuclear weapons, research security, and climate change, among other areas.

2 Aug 2019

In his first appearance before the House, Kelvin Droegemeier fielded questions about the Trump administration’s treatment of science, particularly on climate-related matters, and outlined initiatives to improve the integrity and quality of “research environments.”

24 Jul 2019

A panel of scientists recently warned the House Science Committee about the consequences of accelerating ice sheet and glacier melting around the globe. Given remaining uncertainties surrounding rates of sea level rise and its impacts, they urged Congress to invest in data collection, multidisciplinary research, and research workforce development. 

19 Jun 2019

Lawmakers are pushing the Defense Department to consider projections of climate change and extreme weather impacts in its facility planning decisions, contrasting the Trump administration’s efforts to cast doubt on expected risks.