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Department of Energy

In covering DOE’s science-related activities, FYI focuses on the Office of Science, including its six program offices and 10 national laboratories. FYI also covers the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy and the science-related activities of the National Nuclear Security Administration, including its three national laboratories.

20 May 2020

The Department of Energy’s Office of Science has established the position of principal deputy director, which oversees a set of new offices focused on policy priorities such as crosscutting research, accelerator technology development, diversity and inclusion, and research security.

1 May 2020

The Department of Energy has set up a single point of contact for gaining access to COVID-19 experts and research tools across its national laboratories. Chris Fall, director of the DOE Office of Science, described the goals of the new “virtual lab” in an interview with Physics Today.

17 Apr 2020

The budget for the National Nuclear Security Administration would continue its recent rapid rise under the Trump administration’s latest proposal for the agency, jumping 18% to just under $20 billion.

7 Apr 2020

The U.S. plasma science community has achieved a major milestone in its effort to forge a long-term consensus strategic plan, agreeing on a set of priorities that will now be shaped into formal recommendations for the Department of Energy.

27 Mar 2020

Coronavirus response legislation signed into law today includes funding to expand federal research efforts and aid universities disrupted by the pandemic.

26 Mar 2020

The Trump administration is once again proposing to eliminate the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy and slash the budgets of many of the Department of Energy’s applied R&D programs. Within reduced toplines, the department would prioritize crosscutting initiatives as well as facilities projects such as the multibillion dollar Versatile Test Reactor.

20 Mar 2020

Federal research facilities across the U.S. have been forced to close as government officials escalate their efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

12 Mar 2020

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s long-awaited energy innovation legislation is in limbo after a dispute broke out during floor debate over proposed add-on provisions.

5 Mar 2020

The Trump administration is proposing to cut $1.2 billion from the Department of Energy Office of Science while prioritizing cross-cutting initiatives in areas such as exascale computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum information science.

6 Feb 2020

The budget for the National Nuclear Security Administration is continuing its recent rapid rise, with the latest appropriation supporting major new plutonium research and production initiatives while rejecting a proposal to pare back the inertial confinement fusion program.