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National Institute of Standards and Technology

FYI focuses on NIST’s research laboratories and its diverse portfolio of research projects, especially as they relate to the physical sciences.


15 Feb 2000


15 Feb 2000


28 Jul 1993

As the designated helpmate of US industry, the National Institute
of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been in the congressional
spotlight several times in recent weeks.  Last week, the House
Science Subcommittee on Technology, Environment and Aviation
reviewed NIST's role in helping the defense industry to diversify
(see FYI #99.)  On Monday, a field hearing at the NIST campus in
Gaithersburg, Maryland, brought members of the subcommittee out to
hear NIST's plans for the large budget increase President Clinton

23 Aug 1994

The conference report on H.R. 4603, the Commerce, Justice, and
State Appropriations bill for FY 1995, was passed by the House on
August 18, and by the Senate the following day.  This bill funds
the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is
an agency of the Commerce Department.  While not quite attaining
the stratospheric 79.7 percent increase requested by the
Administration, the conference report provides NIST with a total of
$854.7 million, a 64.3 percent increase over the 1994

27 Jul 1994

With versions of its fiscal year 1995 appropriations bill passed by
both the House and the Senate, the Department of Commerce's
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is positioned
to get a hefty increase in funding.  NIST is funded in H.R. 4603,
the Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary Appropriations bill.
Although neither chamber would give it the full 79.7 percent
increase requested by President Clinton, NIST would do well under
either version of the bill.  The next step is to schedule a

17 Mar 1994

Officials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology
and the Department of Commerce appeared at two House subcommittee
hearings on March 10 to discuss the fiscal year 1995 budget
request.  Reaction by members of the science subcommittee and
appropriations subcommittee was favorable.

4 Dec 1995

"One point is certain: the multiplicity of market failures and the
variance of their intensity within technology-based industries
demands multiple policy responses from the government of an
industrialized nation."  -- NIST Planning Report 95-3

10 Oct 1995


15 Sep 1995

In both chambers of Congress, bills to dismantle the Department of
Commerce are making the rounds (see FYI #125).  The main bill in
the House, H.R. 1756, sponsored by Rep. Dick Chrysler (R-MI), has
been referred to 11 different committees, each of which has
jurisdiction over some part of it.  The House Science Committee,
chaired by Robert Walker (R-PA), held a hearing on the proposal on
September 12, and then on September 14 marked up the science- and
technology-related portion of Chrysler's bill.

13 Sep 1995

On Monday this week, The American Physical Society held a press
conference to release two letters calling on Members of Congress to
maintain funding for the laboratory program of the National
Institute of Standards and Technology.  Congress is now considering
legislation to dismantle the Commerce Department. 

The first letter was signed by twenty-five recipients of the Nobel
Prize in Physics.  It concluded: