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Scientific Societies

FYI is supported by the American Institute of Physics, a federation of 10 scientific societies. FYI covers issues of special concern to these societies and their positions on select issues as well as the activities of other major scientific societies.

3 Jun 2016

Last month, the House passed its version of the annual defense policy bill. The legislation contains various controversial components, including a provision which directs the Missile Defense Agency to begin development of a space-based missile defense system.

25 Mar 2016

Amidst a thaw in U.S. relations with Cuba, scientists from both nations spoke at the American Physical Society March Meeting about the prospects for collaboration in physics and nanotechnology.

14 Mar 2016

Members of Congress are circulating a series of “Dear Colleague” letters on Capitol Hill to round up support for the Department of Energy Office of Science and specific user facilities in fiscal year 2017. The scientific community is also requesting increased funding for the office.

15 Jan 2016

With numerous charts on hand, Senator Cruz hosted a heated hearing in which he dismissed the conclusions of mainstream climate science as the product of politically-motivated dogma and provided a platform for skeptics to air their views.

1 Dec 2015

If you are a scientist interested in working inside the halls of Congress, we encourage you to apply for a Congressional science fellowship through the American Institute of Physics and Acoustical Society of America program. The application deadline for the 2016-17 term is Jan. 15, 2016.

14 Sep 2015

If you are a scientist interested in the intersection of science, policy and international affairs, AIP encourages you to apply for an AIP State Department fellowship.  The application deadline for the 2016-17 term is November 1, 2015.

12 Dec 2000

A reminder to readers who want to get actively involved in science policy: the deadline for applying to the AIP and APS Congressional Science Fellowship programs is approaching! ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS FOR BOTH THE AIP AND APS FELLOWSHIPS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 15, 2001.

9 Nov 2000

Are you fascinated by the ongoing drama of Tuesday's election? During the campaign, did you like what you heard on the future of the nation's science and technology policy? Do you wish you had heard more? For those scientists who want to make a personal contribution to the policy of the nation, the AIP and APS Congressional Science Fellowships enable you to spend a year as a legislative assistant, contributing scientific expertise to a Member of Congress or a congressional committee.

29 Nov 1993

The American Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society
are looking for physicists who have an interest in science policy
issues.  Applications are now being accepted for the 1994-1995 AIP
and APS Congressional Science Fellowships.