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Scientific Societies

FYI is supported by the American Institute of Physics, a federation of 10 scientific societies. FYI covers issues of special concern to these societies and their positions on select issues as well as the activities of other major scientific societies.

19 Sep 2011

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Would  you like to experience foreign policy from an insider’s perspective?   The American Institute of Physics is  accepting applications for our 2012-13 State Department science fellowship term.  Applications are due November 1.

11 Sep 2012

Are you interested in the interface between science and technology and  international affairs?     Issues involving S&T are an  important part of the U.S.’s diplomatic portfolio, making it essential for the  U.S. Department of State to have knowledgeable scientific input. Through its  State Department Science Fellowship program, the American Institute of Physics  offers an opportunity for scientists to make a unique and substantial  contribution to the foreign policy process by spending a year working at the U.S.  State Department.

27 Sep 2013

The American Institute of Physics is now seeking applicants for its 2014-2015 State Department Science Fellowship. The application deadline is November 1, 2013.

3 Sep 2013

Applications are now being accepted for the APS/AIP Science and Technology Policy Fellowship.