25 Apr 2000

"The appropriations express" is how a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) describes the Senate in May. If all goes as scheduled, appropriations bills funding the Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Education, Department of Energy, NASA, and the National Science Foundation will be written during the next five weeks. Now is the time to contact your representative and two senators about these funding bills for FY 2001.

14 Apr 2000

"It will be virtually impossible" predicts VA, HUD, Independent Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman James Walsh (R-NY) about the writing of his FY 2001 appropriations bill because of the numbers in the Budget Resolution that was passed yesterday. Walsh was talking about how much money his subcommittee, which funds NSF and NASA, could have to work with for its bill. Walsh could have $403 million less for next year than he did for the current year. Walsh added, "expectations are very, very high this year in the research community. . . . "

7 Apr 2000

Officials of the National Science Foundation had the opportunity to appear before the money people this week to discuss their FY 2001 budget request. In an ornate but cramped hearing room in the Capitol, NSF Director Rita Colwell and her senior staff responded to almost three and one-half hours of questions about the foundation's 17.3% requested budget increase for FY 2001. Colwell had a good hearing; the extent to which this translates into good numbers will not be known until perhaps next month.

30 Mar 2000

The prospects for FY 2001 federal science funding received a boost last week. The House of Representatives started its budget process by approving a plan calling for a $1 billion increase in general science spending. Also last week, 47 CEOs, presidents of major universities, and prominent labor leaders sent a letter to House and Senate leaders urging that they "strengthen America's science and technology enterprise."

27 Mar 2000

Since early March, various House and Senate Armed Services subcommittees have held hearings on the FY 2001 request for defense science and technology programs. The hearings revealed considerable support for defense S&T, and recognition of shortfalls in program funding. At the same time, there is great concern about deficiencies in other areas of the defense budget, ranging from the replacement of aging ships and planes to difficulties in recruitment and retention.

23 Mar 2000

"This is world class performance by any reasonable standard." NASA Administrator Dan Goldin

21 Jan 2000

The following are selections from President Clinton's remarks today at the California Institute of Technology. In this speech, the President announces a $2.8 billion requested increase in the 21st Century Research Fund for FY 2001, which totaled $39.9 billion this year. An accompanying White House release notes that this will increase "support in all scientific and engineering disciplines." Under this request, the FY 2001 National Science Foundation budget would increase by 17%, or $675 million.


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