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23 Jun 2020

President Trump’s suspension of wide swaths of visa programs through the end of the year has drawn an outcry from universities and businesses, especially given the inclusion of H-1B visas granted to highly skilled workers.

2 Jun 2020

A new presidential proclamation bars entry to the U.S. for many Chinese graduate students and visiting researchers if they have ever been connected to Chinese institutions deemed to have military ties. The move comes as even stricter limits on Chinese nationals studying or conducting research in STEM fields are being proposed in Congress.

19 May 2020

France Córdova spoke with FYI about her six years leading the National Science Foundation, including how she handled criticism from lawmakers and the emergence of sexual harassment and research security as top policy concerns.

7 May 2020

This week the top Republicans on seven House committees staked out an interest in the Department of Education’s ongoing probe into universities underreporting funding they have received from foreign entities. The move comes as the party targets ties between U.S. and Chinese research institutions as part of a hardline stance it is crafting toward China in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

30 Apr 2020

Amid political efforts to implicate the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the COVID-19 pandemic, NIH has terminated a grant for coronavirus research that funded collaborative work with the institute. Separately, scientific societies have condemned attempts to ascribe blame for the pandemic, warning of the rising threat of racist attacks on people of Asian background.

18 Mar 2020

With the White House’s early response drawing broad criticism, top government officials are scrambling to mobilize scientific expertise and resources to blunt the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

6 Mar 2020

The National Science Foundation has agreed to recommendations from the JASON advisory group on ways to guard against foreign governments exploiting the U.S. research system.

10 Dec 2019

Within the next year, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology plans to recommend ways to jumpstart progress in areas such as quantum information science, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing. The council will also consider options to bolster the U.S. STEM workforce and deepen federal laboratories’ engagement in the U.S. R&D enterprise.

4 Dec 2019

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is seeking input on a wide-ranging initiative to improve the conditions under which science is conducted in the U.S., stressing a need to reinforce “American values” across the research enterprise.

8 Nov 2019

U.S. science agencies are leaning on disclosure requirements to identify individuals with problematic ties to foreign governments, but uncertainty remains about the scope of the policies and the potential for follow-on actions, especially as they relate to collaborations with China.


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