15 Sep 1994

On September 12, the House passed the conference report (House
Report 103-715) for H.R. 4624, the FY 1995 VA/HUD/Independent
Agencies Appropriations Bill.  The Senate is expected to act
shortly.  This FYI and the next provide details on the provisions
for NASA.

NASA will receive a total budget of $14.377 billion for fiscal year
1995.  This is greater than the $14.3 billion requested by the
Administration, but $150 million (or 1.0 percent) less than the
current year funding of $14.527 billion.

21 Jul 1994

The next step for space station funding is a full Senate floor vote
on H.R. 4624, the VA, HUD, Independent Agencies Appropriations
Bill.  A Senate staffer reported this morning that a floor date has
not been scheduled, saying that it could be "next week possibly."

The House version of H.R. 4624 provides $2,120,900,000 for the
space station program.  An amendment offered on the House floor to
terminate the station lost by a vote of 278 to 155.

22 Jun 1994

(Note: In order to increase the level of awareness in the physics
community about the public policy activities of the ten Member
Societies of the American Institute of Physics, FYI expanded its
coverage last year to include societies' resolutions and other

The following is a Position Statement of the American Geophysical
Union on "The NASA Space Station."  It was adopted by the AGU
Council on May 26, 1994:

10 Jun 1994

With the House Appropriations Subcommittee on VA/HUD having marked
up its spending bill on June 9, the space station continues to
cling to life.  Reports indicate that the subcommittee gave NASA a
budget of $14.0 billion, $300 million less than the
Administration's request, and $240 million less than the
Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) estimate of NASA's fiscal year
1995 needs.  It appears that the subcommittee performed a
nearly-impossible feat and reduced NASA's budget while still fully

8 Jun 1994

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland), chair of the Senate
Appropriations Subcommittee on VA/HUD/Independent Agencies, is a
big NASA supporter, but she is also a realist.  At a June 7 hearing
on NASA's fiscal year 1995 budget, she pulled no punches in
describing her subcommittee's budget situation.  Facing what she
called "our toughest year on record," Mikulski reported that her
subcommittee's allocation was $316 million in outlays less than the
comparable House subcommittee, and a severe $729 million below the

19 May 1994

Facing the House Appropriations Subcommittee on VA/HUD/Independent
Agencies on May 17 and 18, NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin
received unanimous praise for his management reforms of the past
year, and rigorous questioning on the agency's fiscal year 1995
budget request.  Although NASA's proposed $14.3 billion budget
represents the first requested decrease for the space agency in
decades, chairman Louis Stokes (D-Ohio) pointed out that his
subcommittee's 602(b) allocation was at least $400 million in

30 Mar 1994

"The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is
confronting the difficult task of squeezing a program that it
anticipated would cost about $95 billion for five years into a
budget plan allowing just over $70 billion," announces a
Congressional Budget Office study on "Reinventing NASA."  The CBO,
Congress's budget arm, prepared the study for the House science
committee.  It was released by committee chairman George Brown on
March 24.  (see FYI #49 for Brown's comments.)

23 Mar 1994

"NASA is a `how' agency with a `why' problem."
     -- Lori Garver, National Space Society

22 Feb 1994

The Department of Energy has requested $372,563,000 for Fusion
Energy, to be distributed as follows:


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