28 May 2020

The National Science Foundation would get a massive new technology directorate, and a new name, under a bipartisan bill unveiled this week that envisions pumping $100 billion into the agency over five years.

20 Mar 2020

Federal research facilities across the U.S. have been forced to close as government officials escalate their efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

27 Feb 2020

The Trump administration proposes to cut the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s budget by a third and reorient its research portfolio toward supporting “Industries of the Future,” including through a “grand challenge” initiative to build out quantum networking capabilities.

29 Jan 2020

The budget for the National Institute of Standards and Technology is increasing by 5% to just over $1 billion in fiscal year 2020, with much of the additional funding directed toward priority research areas and facility construction projects.

15 Nov 2019

A new National Academies study will consider the challenges the U.S. is facing in maintaining its global leadership position in science and technology. It will encompass such matters as protecting research from exploitation, managing international exchanges, and promoting domestic technology commercialization.

4 Oct 2019

Both the House and Senate are seeking to increase the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s budget by about 5% to $1.04 billion for fiscal year 2020. Most of the new resources would go toward quantum information science, artificial intelligence, and facility construction projects.

6 Jun 2019

The White House convened a roundtable of federal agency and university leaders last week to discuss how best to structure new research centers and workforce development efforts created through the National Quantum Initiative.

3 Apr 2019

The National Institute of Standards and Technology would lose a third of its current $1 billion budget under the president’s fiscal year 2020 budget request. The cut is spread across most programs, though funding for activities tied to priority areas such as quantum science, artificial intelligence, and microelectronics would be shielded.

19 Mar 2019

The Department of Energy and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have recently turned their attention to the long-term future of their research reactor user facilities. Meanwhile, unplanned shutdowns at both facilities have put a temporary strain on the U.S.’ already heavily subscribed capacity for neutron-beam research.

21 Feb 2019

The budget for research programs at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology will remain flat in fiscal year 2019, while funding for research facility construction will drop sharply following last year’s one-time funding boost for building renovations.


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