7 Oct 2020

The House is proposing to increase the National Science Foundation’s budget by 3% to $8.5 billion for fiscal year 2021, expanding research and education programs while maintaining level funding for major construction.

5 Oct 2020

Congress has punted decisions about the annual federal budget to Dec. 11 and remains at an impasse over proposed coronavirus recovery measures, which include supplemental funds for science agencies.

25 Sep 2020

Congress passed bipartisan legislation last week that delineates federal agency responsibilities for monitoring and anticipating the consequences of solar storms.

16 Sep 2020

The Department of Energy and National Science Foundation are investing over $1 billion in dozens of new research centers designed to foster collaborative research aligned with top U.S. R&D priorities.

1 Sep 2020

A new report warns that planned constellations of low Earth orbit satellites could severely interfere with ground-based astronomical observations. It suggests measures to reduce the impact of light pollution from the satellites, while noting that no combination of mitigation measures can completely eliminate the problem.

28 Aug 2020

With help from a new National Academies study, the National Science Foundation is seeking to formalize the use of a “systems approach” in its Earth science funding portfolio.

17 Aug 2020

The National Science Foundation is insisting that new discipline-specific emphasis areas included in its latest solicitation for the Graduate Research Fellowship Program will not change the way the agency reviews applications.

6 Aug 2020

The scale of the pandemic’s disruptions to the research enterprise are coming into focus, with recent surveys warning of significant project delays, outsized impacts on early career scientists, and costs to universities that are already running well into the tens of billions of dollars.

5 Aug 2020

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has recommended detailed actions to spur “Industries of the Future,” meet national STEM workforce needs, and better leverage national labs within the U.S. research enterprise.

17 Jul 2020

FYI spoke with Sethuraman Panchanathan about his vision for NSF, why he first came to the U.S., and his views on expanding the agency’s footprint beyond fundamental research.


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