Into the Stacks - Sarah's Month in Review

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Sarah Cochrane - Into the Stacks of the Niels Bohr Library & ArchivesAugust 30, 2017

Sarah Cochrane, Assistant Archivist

My month taking over our social media has come to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed your look at the various projects that I’m working on. Here’s a quick review in case you missed anything…

I started by showing you some of the accessions that we’ve received recently. First was an old textbook that was annotated by one of the authors. I removed the inserted notes, put them into folders, and replaced the notes with bookmarks to show where each note was originally.

Next, I shared about a very different kind of accession. Instead of a single book, this was six pallets of boxes of referee files from the Journal of Mathematical Physics. It took the whole staff a few hours to get them all on the shelves in the archives.

The next set of posts were all about the work I’m doing with our audiovisual collection. First, I shared a photo of a portion of our collection to on the shelves to show some of the variety of formats that we have.

Later in the week I posted about the preservation I’m doing for our 16mm film reels. I shared a video of myself winding a film onto a new core, and some before and after photos of what the reels look like in the old and new cans.

I also shared a photo of some new drawers we got for holding smaller AV formats. I’ve started moving some of the items now and I think the drawers will be great!

The last project I showed you was a before and after of my work on digitizing our old paper finding aids so that they are available for researchers to access online.

Finally, I brought you back to accessions, and shared a photo from a booklet of blueprints of our building that were recently found during an office cleanup.

Stay tuned because soon the next INTO THE STACKS guide will introduce himself, and you’ll get a look at the archives from another perspective.