April 25, 1974

Executive Committee of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

Members Present: H. Richard Crane – Chairman, Joseph A. Burton, Laurence W. Fredrick, W. W. Havens, Jr., E. Leonard Jossem, H. William Koch, Jarus W. Quinn

Non-Voting Participants: Daniel E. Appleman (ACA), R. S. Rivlin (SOR), Kenneth D. Williams (AAPM)

Absent: Wallace Waterfall

AIP Staff: H. William Koch, Director; Sidney Millman, Acting Secretary; G. F. Gilbert, Treasurer; Lewis Slack, Associate Director for General Activities; Robert H. Marks, Associate Director for Publishing; Dorothy M. Lasky, Assistant to the Director

Chairman Crane called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. and explained the new arrangement whereby Member Societies not represented, and Members-at-Large of the Governing Board if not represented, are invited to send a non-voting participant to each meeting for the Executive Committee.

1. Minutes

Upon motion made and passed without dissent, the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held on March 22, 1974, were approved as distributed.

2. Report on Meeting of AIP Publication Board

Marks reported that the AIP Publication Board met at the Institute on April 4 and 5, 1974. He said there was considerable discussion of the new AIP Publishing Policy Committee and the Board expressed its desire to have input to that Committee. The new Chairman of the Publication Board, J. Willard Stout, is also a member of the Publishing Policy Committee. The Institute’s new photocomposition system was demonstrated, and the subjects of indexing and the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme were discussed. There appears to be considerable dissatisfaction among the editors about the effectiveness of their input on the way the program is developing. The AIP Publications Division will work more closely with the Publication Board and the various Society divisions to arrive at compromises. The proposed new AIP Style Manual was also discussed.

The minutes of the Publication Board meeting will be distributed to Governing Board members.

3. Report on Meeting of Publishing Policy Committee

Marks reported on the first meeting of the Publishing Policy Committee held on April 16, 1974. Topics discussed included page charges, pricing policy, in-house composition, and author-composed copy for PHYSICAL REVIEW-C and its possible use in other journals and secondary services. One of the Committee’s main purposes is to try to arrange a uniform publishing policy. It did agree that there should be guidelines, consistent with Society policies, on how AIP’s publishing policy should be implemented.

In answer to a question, Koch explained that the Publication Board is concerned with scientific issues, whereas the Publishing Policy Committee is concerned with questions of pricing, copyright, royalties, etc.

Havens pointed out that publishing policy matters appear to be intimately tied up with fiscal policy and therefore questioned the value of having a separate Publishing Policy Committee.

Burton reminded the members about previous discussions on the relationship between the newly formed Fiscal and Publishing Policy Committees and the recent decision to have the Executive Committee take a more active role in AIP policy matters. He foresees that the two policy committees might serve a useful function on an interim basis until the Executive Committee has developed more experience with frequent meetings and with having representatives from every AIP Member Society participate in the discussions.

4. Report on Meetings of AIP Fiscal Policy Committee

Gilbert, who acted as secretary, reported that the first meeting of the Fiscal Policy Committee was held on April 2. He said the purpose of the Committee is to develop candid and informal discussions with Society officers in an effort to formulate AIP fiscal policy. Subjects discussed at the first meeting were Society viewpoints, report of the subscription fulfillment consultant (McCaffery, Seligman and von Simson, Inc,), fixed unit prices, fiscal reporting procedures, indirect cost prorations, investment policies, royalty income, and who pays for mistakes, At that meeting, APS requested information from AIP as to the merits of a July 1 renewal billing date and asked for quoted unit prices.

Burton stated that the second meeting of the Committee, of which he is chairman, was held on April 24. It covered indirect cost prorations, quoted unit prices, a June 30 fiscal year for APS, Society financial statements, and the report of the Long-Range Planning Committee. There was considerable discussion of quoted unit prices which would be the basis for the quarterly financial statements furnished to the Societies by AIP. At year-end, the variance between quoted costs and actual costs would go into calculations of prices to be quoted for the following year.

Crane said it should be made clear that actual costs will be paid in the long run. Havens stated that the question of who should pay for mistakes is still unresolved, and there followed a brief discussion on rewards and penalties. Gilbert mentioned the problems created by fluctuations in the size of Society journal issues over which AIP has no control.

Burton distributed copies of a "Timetable of Quoted Prices" and a "Schedule of Quoted Prices" and read the following motion which had been passed by the Fiscal Policy Committee at its meeting on April 24:

"MOVED that the AIP Executive Committee be requested to direct the staff to quote prices for services to Societies for calendar years 1974 and 1975 in a way shown on the attached sheets and during the month of May 1974. The Society representatives at the meeting (AAPT, APS, OSA, AAS, AAPM) feel that the quoted prices should be regarded as an experiment during 1974 and as the basis of financial statements for the first three quarters. The fourth quarter financial statement for 1974 should be based on actual audited costs. A letter shall be written to all AIP Societies describing these fiscal plans and requesting their approval."

Upon motion made and passed without dissent, the Executive Committee approved the recommendation of the Fiscal Policy Committee to direct the AIP staff to quote prices as noted in the above motion.

5. Report on Meeting of Advisory Committee on Physics History Program

Slack reported that the subject Committee met on April 12, and he distributed copies of a letter Koch had written to Martin Klein, Chairman of the Committee on April 16. Charles Weiner, who has directed the program for ten years, has submitted his resignation and will be leaving AIP soon to take another position. Joan Warnow was named Acting Director of the History Division and a search committee was appointed to find a replacement for Weiner. The Advisory Committee felt there was a need for greater involvement on the part of Institute officers in fund-raising efforts.

Koch said he was anxious to have AIP management take the responsibility for special fund-raising, but that does not mean the Director of the History Program is relieved of his responsibility to seek support, from NSF for example, of special projects within his purview. Crane emphasized that the candidate must be assured that his job does not depend on raising money for his own salary.

It was the consensus of the Executive Committee that this is a wise course of action.

6. Approval of Soviet Contract for AIP Journals

Koch stated that each Society has been sent a copy of the contract with the Soviets covering our proposed exchange agreement with them on a page-for-page basis. They are most anxious to have a complete exchange so that no royalties would be involved. There was a discussion of copyright assignments and Koch said that AIP will consult its attorney to make sure that Society copyrights are protected. In answer to a question, it was explained that neither party to the contract is obliged to accept any journal owned by the other which it does not want to have included in the package. He also said that if there should be income to AIP as a result of this agreement, the Executive Committee might wish to apportion it so that Societies whose journals are included would benefit.

7. Status of IEE Negotiations

Koch reported that arrangements have been made for Edward L. Brady of the National Bureau of Standards to contact Harry Hookway of the British Library Board in an effort to bring about resumption of negotiations between AIP and IEE on information exchange.


Marks reported that the Chinese have reactivated publication of ACTA PHYSICA SINICA and would like us to publish a translation of this journal. We propose to do so and plan to set the price at $90 per year. It will consist of six issues with 600 to 900 pages and we expect that 300 subscriptions will be enough to break even. The following motion was made, seconded, and passed without dissent:

MOVED that AIP be authorized to proceed with plans for the translation and publication of ACTA PHYSICA SINICA, as outlined above.

9. Dates for Fall Assembly of Society Officers, Executive Committee and Governing Board

Koch proposed that the same format as was used for the 1973 Assembly be followed this year, and the dates of October 3 and 4, 1974, were agreed upon for the fall meetings.

10. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Friday, June 7, 1974, at the offices of the Institute. During the discussion of possible meeting dates, several suggestions were made concerning the frequency and duration of these meetings. There was a consensus that there should be provision at future Executive Committee meetings for more informal discussions, and that the minutes of the meetings record mainly the actions taken, and only very briefly note the topics discussed for which no action was taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.