August 14, 1936

Executive Committee of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

I. The Executive Committee met at the call of the Chairman at 9:50 a.m., Friday, August 14, 1936, at the office of the Institute, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Mr. Tate presided.

Present: Chairman Tate, Messrs. Klopsteg, Peek, Pegram, Richtmyer, and Waterfall, also Mr. Barton, Mr. Buffum, Mr. Hutchisson, and Miss Mitchell.

II. The Minutes of the Meeting of February 20, 1936 were read and on motion approved.

III. Journal of applied physics:

  1. The Director made a statement about the progress that had been made by a committee of the American Physical Society toward developing out of the present journal PHYSICS a much stronger journal for papers of various kinds relating to applied physics. There was discussion of questions raised by Mr. Peek as to what arrangements could be made for the continuation of publication for the Society of Rheology, and by Mr. Waterfall as to whether articles in a special field already represented by publications, for example acoustics, should be excluded from the applied physics journal. It was agreed that especial attention would have to be paid to the needs of the Society of Rheology, in this journal or elsewhere, and that in general articles in a special field would continue to go to the journals in which they are now appearing but not to the exclusion of general or review articles in the applied physics journal.

  2. On motion it was voted:

    that the Executive Committee of the Institute favor, if agreeable to the American Physical Society, undertaking the publishing of a journal of applied physics in accord with the following proposals:

    1. The American Institute of Physics to own and be financially responsible for Journal and the American Physical Society to turn over PHYSICS and all its good will to the American Institute of Physics.

      The officers of the Institute to be empowered to complete negotiations with the American Physical Society for the transfer.

    2. Editor and Board of Associate Editors to be selected by the American Institute of Physics from nominations supplied by the American Physical Society.
    3. The American Institute of Physics to operate a joint advertising section in this journal and THE REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS. Crediting net advertising income (after deducting office cost of selling advertising) to each journal in proportion to circulation.

IV. Relations with industries:

Mr. Barton read a letter from Dr. E. E. Free urging the desirability of connecting actively with the Institute industries that might not be able to pay dues as high as the regular $175.00 now set for associates pointing out that small industries having few men working in physics would not feel justified in contributing as much as $175.00 yearly.

On motion it was voted:

that the minimum dues of $175.00 for associates be subject to suspension at the judgment of the Director in particular cases, and that the Director be instructed to report at the next meeting of this Committee the results of his experience in the matter of appropriate and practicable dues for associates.

The Chairman called on Mr. Buffum to comment on relations between the Institute and industries out of his experience particularly in the chemical field. Mr. Buffum stated that the Institute had started out with two objects, one to help out the member societies, and two, to promote physics. That on the second point his experience in promoting chemistry led him to believe that the greatest task of the Institute would that of educating industries to the value and need of physicists in their work; that a similar condition wasfound in chemistry at the time the Chemical Foundation began its work; that experience in chemistry indicated that among the best ways to overcome the ignorance of and inattention to physics on the part of industries are(1) the publication of a strong book popularly written on what the accomplishments of physics havebeen; (2) addresses on any suitable occasions on portions of the same general topic, for example, the address of Professor George Harrison at Dearborn on “Physics in Agriculture"; (3) conferences on problems of general interest to industry, for example, some important problem in the steel industry, which conferences would bring the attention of physicists of all kinds to an important industrial problem; (4) that the Director of the Institute should understand that a large part of his duties must be to free himself from the necessity of remaining in the office and to spend much time in visiting representatives of industry and extending the influence of the Institute by finding out what the Institute can do for industry and what industry can do for the Institute. On point four Mr. Buffum called attention to the fact that the action of the Governing Board in authorizing the appointment of Mr. Hutchisson was for the purpose of enabling Mr. Barton to spend much of his time in the field.

V. Insurance and retirement system:

Mr. Barton raised the question of the adoption of some Insurance and retirement system for the employees of the Institute.

On motion of Mr. Richtmyer it was voted:

that the question should be investigated by a committee consisting of Messrs. Barton, Buffum, and Pegram.

VI. Consolidated financial statement:

Mr. Barton exhibited a consolidated financial statement in the form of a graphic chart and also a memorandum on the situation in physics to be shown to associates. These statements indicated how the founder societies of the Institute itself spend their income from dues and subscriptions. A copy of the memorandum is attached to the official copy of these Minutes.

On motion it was voted:

that a copy of this memorandum be sent to the Council members of each of the founder societies.

VII. Committee on Printing Contracts:

Mr. Barton presented a report from the Committee on Printing Contracts recommending that the Institute continue to operate under the present contract for the present year and that in 1937 the question be again examined as to whether it would be opportune to seek advantage in new contracts.

On motion it was voted:

that the recommendation of the Committee be adopted.

VIII. October meeting of the Governing Board:

On motion it was voted:

that the question of whether a meeting of the Governing Board should be called at the time of the joint meetings in October shall be left to the Chairman.

IX. Joint meeting in October:

Mr. Barton presented a memorandum of the activities planned for the joint meeting of the Institute and the founder societies to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Institute and to be focused particularly upon applied physics. A copy of the memorandum setting forth a tentative program of this meeting, October 29-31, 1936, is attached to the official copy of these Minutes.

X. Indexes to journals:

The question of when to publish indexes of several journals published by the Institute was discussed. It was agreed that this was a matter which should be brought up in a conference of the editors of the journals.

XI. On motion the Executive Committee adjourned.