February 27, 1937

Executive Committee of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

I. The Executive Committee met at the call of the Chairman at 9:45 a.m., Saturday, February 27, 1937 at the office of the Institute, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Mr. Tate, Chairman of the Governing Board, presided.

Present: Chairman Tate, Messrs. Klopsteg, Peek, Pegram, Richtmyer, Waterfall, also by invitation Director Barton, Mr. Hutchisson and Miss Mitchell.

II. The Minutes of the Meeting of August 14, 1936 were read and on motion approved.

III. Report of Chairman:

Copies of the Annual Report of the Board of Governors as made to the Annual Meeting of the Institute on this date were distributed. This report was in two parts (1) Report on the Operations of the Institute for the year prepared by the Director, and (2) a Financial Report consisting of the complete report of the auditors. These reports are contained in the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of this date.

On motion the Report of the Chairman was accepted.

IV. Report of Director:

The Director referred to his report on the operations of the Institute for the year contained in the Annual Report of the Board.

On motion the Report of the Director was accepted.

V. Report of Editor of Journal of Applied Physics:

This report was read and copy is attached to the official copy of these Minutes.

On motion the report of the Editor of the Journal of Applied Physics was accepted.

VI. Miss Mitchell for the information of the Committee showed a diagram of the subscription curves of the journals for the past four years.

VII. General Policy:

  1. The Director submitted a tabulation of expenditures of the Institute for operations other than publication for 1935 and 1936 and the budget for 1937 (see under VII (8)c below) and also a tentative outline of a goal to be reached by 1941 as follows:

    1. All Society Income free for publication of research and holding of their meetings except 7.5% of publishing cost to be used through A.I.P. to promote interests of members in other ways. (Promoting research, professional opportunities and special meetings, books, etc., in line with original purposes of Institute.) 
    2. This would provide about $5,5000 toward latter.

      Raise also from profit on R.S.I. and J.A.I. (Adv. from industry) $6,000
      Raise from registration fees, book sales, etc. 1,000
      Raise from Associate Dues (Net) 2,500
      Raise from Misc. Contributions 1,500
      Total $16,500
    3. Spend:

      For Office expense $2,500
      For traveling expense 2,000
      For all promotion expense 4,000
      For salaries 8,000
      Total $16,500

      In meantime:
      How use extra income and drive for funds

      1. To payoff deficit?
      2. To reduce % Service Charge?
      3. To expand Institute activities and projects?


  1. On motion it was voted:

    that it was the sense of the Committee that $1000 should be used in the coming year to promote the Journal of Applied Physics.

  2. On motion it was voted:

    that a committee consisting of the Director, Editor and Chairman be empowered to make with any appropriate engineering or scientific society arrangements for subscriptions for the Journal of Applied Physics at reduced rate to the members of such society.

(At this time, 1 p.m., intermission was taken for luncheon and the Committee reconvened at 2:40 p.m.)

  1. On motion it was voted:

    that the Executive Committee recommend that as soon as it can be done without interfering with the present activities in the Institute or undue restriction on its expansion, the Governing Board should from any surplus provide (2) for some reduction in the service charge, and (1) for some reduction of the deficit.

  2. On motion it was voted:

    that a man be employed to take charge of the advertising sales, subscription promotions, and other matters of business including taking over the books of the Treasurer.

  3. The Director submitted a proposal for allotment of space in the Review of Scientific Instruments which after discussion and some changes was on motion adopted as follows:


  1936 Budget 1936 Actual 1937 Proposed
Physics Forum) 359 76 66
Instrument Articles)   334 300
Lab. and Shop Notes 36 24.5 18
News and Notes 24 31.5 36
Book notices) 25 9 10
Book reviews) --- 32 32
Current Literature 72 74 72
Advertising 170 202 226
Volume Index 16 15 16
Miscellaneous --- --- ---
Covers 48 48 48
Total 750 846 824*

*Exclusive of proposed Apparatus Index to be financed by itself.

  1. On motion it was voted:

    to fix the salary of the Editor of the Journal of Applied Physics at $1,800.00 and to make a travel allowance not to exceed $500.00.

  2. On motion it was voted:

    1. to adopt the balanced budget for the Review of Scientific Instruments as follows:
      Budget 1936 Actual 1936 Proposed Budget 1937
    Number of Pages 750 846 824
    Number of subscribers 3500 3801 3635
    Subscriptions $6,600 $6,958 $7,000
    Pub. and Rep. 700 585 5001
    Single copies 200 312 310
    Advertising, net 6,000 7,206 6,3402
    Total $13,500 $15,061 $14,150
    Printing and mailing $7,700 $9,202 $9,000
    Ed. Mech. 1,000 801 750
    Ed. Office 2,000 1,706 1,800
    Bus. Man. 2,600 2,593 2,600
    Total $13,300 $14,302 $14,150
    Profit $200 $759 -0-

    1 Assumes 300 pages of contributed articles.

    2 This figure allotted to R.S.I. from Net Advertising Income hereafter to be considered a part of Institute Income. (The total Net Advt. Income estimated for 1937 is $10,050 less $1,750 for office expense = $8,300. Thus a balance of $1,960 is left for J.A.P.)

    1. to adopt a budget as follows for the Journal of Applied Physics showing $4,1000.00 deficit (in addition to the $1,000.00 for promotion voted earlier in the meeting):
    Number of Pages 1200
    Number of Paid Subscribers 2000
    Subscriptions $10,800
    Pub. Chg. & Reprint Sales, Net 500
    Single Copies ---
    Allotment from Net Advt. Inc. 1,960a
    Total $13,260
    Printing and Mailing $11,580b
    Ed. Mech. 1,220
    Ed. Office 3,100c
    Bus. Man. 1,460
    Total $17,360
    Profit $-4,100 (red)

    a See explanation on Budget for R.S.I.

    c See attached schedule.

    Schedule of Calculations
    b Printing and Mailing
    Composition 1200 pp. $3,600
    Engravings 2,240
    Covers 960
    Paper and Press Work 2500 cc. 3,700
    Mailing 2000 cc. 1,080
    Total $11,580
    c Editor's Office
    Editor’s Salary $1,800
    Secretary 600
    Traveling Allowance 500
    Office Expenses 200
    Total $3,100
    1. to adopt a budget for institution operations other than publication as follows showing a profit of $l,750:
    Income 1935 1936 Budget 1936 Actual 1937 Budget
    From Service Charge $10,347.31 $10,000 $10,699.35 $10,000b
    Dues of Associates 1,551.00 3,000 1,473.00 4,000
    Contributions 3,000.00 1,000 100.00 2,000c
    Miscellaneous 18.52 --- 7.70 ---
    Advertising (Anniversary Program) --- --- 951.65 ---
    Total $14,916.83 $14,000 $13,231.70 $16,000
    Organization & Education        
      Salaries $6,077.29 $7,300 $8,084.38 $8,000
      Other Exp. 1,289.75 2,100 3,021.98a 2,500
    Travel Exp.        
      Board & Ex.C. 403.43 1,000 742.28 750
      Other 294.98 672.53 1,000
    Office Expense 1,612.63 1,600 1,815.05 2,000
    Grant to A.A.P.T. --- 400 400.00 ---
    Total $9,678.08 $12,400 $14,736.22 $14,250
    Excess of Income over Exp. $5,238.75 $1,600 $-1,504.52 (red) $1,750

    a Includes printing and mailing Anniversary Program

    b Assumes normal increase less 15% of all costs of Journal “PHYSICS”

    c In case more contributions are received, they would be assigned to the standing deficit or to special projects.

    Summary of Budgets for 1937
    Budgeted Profit
    Institute Non-Journal Operations $1,750
    Review of Scientific Instruments ---
    Total $1,750
    Budgeted Deficit
    Journal of Applied Physics $4,100
    Plus Special Promotion 1,000
    Total $5,100
    Deficit for Year 1937 $-3,350

VIII. Report of Committee on Retiring Allowances:

For this Committee, consisting of Messrs. Barton, Buffum and Pegram, Mr. Barton reported that on account of the rather uncertain and confused condition of the matter of government social security measures and also in deference to the desire of the present employees of the Institute it was recommended that no action be taken at present.

IX. On motion it was resolved:

that the Committee direct the Director to consult with the officials of the Rockefeller Foundation with respect to the possibility of some grant from that Foundation for work of the Institute.

X. On motion it was voted:

that the Executive Committee is interested in the place of physics in connection with the World's Fair in New York and requests the Director to consult with the officials of the Museum of Science and Industry as to what the Institute of Physics might contribute to the success of the Fair.

XI. Mr. Hutchisson was called on to explain the limited undertaking in placement service that the Institute is beginning. He showed cards which had been sent out to numerous departments of physics on which persons who wish to be considered for positions could be listed and kept in a file at the Institute.

XII. The Director discussed the desirability of a revolving fund for the publication of books on physics that would assist in encouraging the support of physics.

XIII. There was a discussion of the possibility of travelling lectureships or series of lectures to be arranged by the Institute for any local organizations which might be assisted in this way. It was the sense of the Committee that the Director should investigate the possibilities of this proposal and report on details.

XIV. On motion the Executive Committee adjourned at 5:20 p.m.