June 7, 1935

Executive Committee of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

I. The Executive Committee met at the call of the Chairman at 9:30 a.m., Friday, June 7, 1935, in Room 818, Pupin Physics Laboratories, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Present: Chairman Compton, Messrs. Fletcher, Hunter, Palmer, Pegram, Richtmyer, the Director, Mr. Barton, the Treasurer, Mr. Buffum, also Miss Mitchell and Mr. Wilson.

II. The minutes of the Meeting of December 15, 1934 were read and on motion approved.

III. On motion it was voted:

To ratify the appointment of Professor E. U. Condon as representatives of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated on the American Standards Association Section Committee on Electric and Magnetic Magnitudes and Units.

IV. Distribution of New Charge for Rent:

Mr. Barton reported that reduction of rent on the office of the Institute from $2800 to $2400 had been secured.

On motion it was voted:

to allocate a $1500 charge for rent to the journals and a $900 charge to the Institute.

V. Assistant Treasurer:

On motion it was voted:

that Theresa A. Kraus be appointed assistant treasurer with full power to act for the treasurer with term to run to December 31, 1935.

VI. Report of Committee on Review of Scientific Instruments:

A written report was submitted by Messrs. Barton and Richtmyer for the Committee. Mr. Tate of the Committee had not had opportunity to work on the final report but had been consulted from time to time. The report recommended that the subscription price be set for the R.S.I. at $2.50 for non-members and $1.50 for members of founder societies, both to begin January 1, 1936.

On motion it was voted:

to set the subscription price from January 1, 1936 at $3.00 for non-members and $1,50 for members of founder societies.

It was suggested by Mr. Richtmyer that the change in subscription arrangements and the necessity therefor be explained in an editorial in the R.S.I. signed preferably by the Chairman of the Governing Board.

VII. Publication Charge Policy:

On the subject of the “per page charge” the Director submitted a memorandum in two parts: Part I, a report to the Rockefeller Foundation on the way in which the plan of a “per page charge” had worked out since its beginning; Part II of the memorandum set forth certain proposed changes in the procedure, the proposal in brief being to cease giving one hundred reprints free and to separate the reprint business entirely from the per page charge.

On motion it was voted:

that this Committee recommends as desirable the proposal to separate the reprint business entirely from the “per page charge”, even if necessary to make equitable special arrangements in special cases, for example, government bureaus, and possibly certain state universities; and further that the Director of the Institute be requested to take up the question of arrangements for this with the proper officers of the several societies and secure their concurrence if possible.

The Chairman reported that as requested by the Board he had placed before the Rockefeller Foundation a request for an extension of the underwriting arrangement for the “per page charge”, the previous underwriting arrangements expiring June 30, 1935, and that there seemed good prospect of getting underwriting to the extent of $3000, $2000, and $1000 for the next three years respectively.

VIII. Charges for Reprints:

On motion it was voted:

that the setting of charges for reprints be left with power to the Director with the understanding that the scale adopted shall cover at least actual cost of manufacture and distribution.

IX. Question of Buying a House for the Institute:

The Director set forth some of the advantages and disadvantages of ownership of a house to serve as the home of the Institute. The members of the Executive Committee after luncheon went to inspect the house on 117th Street owned by Columbia University but used as an office by the Geological Society of America, and inspected also certain houses on West 114th Street that were for sale. The general conclusion of the Committee was that the Institute would not be justified in trying to secure any house at present available.

X. Plan for Broadening Interest in Physics:

The Director submitted a memorandum dated May 29, 1935 outlining certain ways in which through reduced rate subscriptions to journals or otherwise the Institute might cooperate with physics clubs and like organizations. It was agreed that if the Institute could furnish physics clubs and similar organizations a list of good lectures on subjects in physics it would be helpful to many of these societies. The Director explained that such activities of the Institute as he had suggested in connection with physics clubs would not run in conflict with the sectional division of the American Physical Society or with the activity of the several member societies but that the Institute should undertake to do several things that the societies are undertaking and that the societies should be kept informed of any such activities of the Institute.

XI. List of Journals for Index of Current Literature in Review of Scientific Instruments:

On motion it was voted:

that the list as currently printed in the R.S.I. be approved.

XII, Policy regarding Exchanges with Journals:

On motion it was voted:

that the Director be requested to confer with the editors of the Societies and to report on a plan of exchanges devised with a view of reducing the expense of exchanges.

XIII. The Director, Mr. Barton, submitted a request for a vacation of one month without salary in addition to the normal three weeks vacation.

On motion it was voted:

To approve the request.

XIV. The Treasurer, Mr. Buffum, reported informally that the Institute had a bank balance of $10,000 and no outstanding bills except current items.

XV. Mr. Richtmyer reported that the request for short items for the section on “Laboratory and Shop Notes” in the R.S.I. had received few replies. It was agreed that no charge per page would be made for the present for such items. Mr. Richtmyer further enquired as to the recommendation of the Committee on the subject of preparing a general index for the R.S.I. The opinion of the Committee seemed to be that the preparation of an index should not be undertaken at present.

XVII. Adjournment:

On motion the Committee adjourned at 4:15 p.m.