March 24, 1962

Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

1. The Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics met at the offices of the Institute, 335 East 45th Street, New York 17, New York.

Present: Ralph A. Sawyer, Chairman; S.S. Ballard; R.H. Bolt; Wallace R. Brode; Dirk Brouwer; Herbert A. Erf; John D. Ferry; S.A. Goudsmit; W.W. Havens, Jr.; W.V. Houston; Winston E. Kock; R.B. Lindsay; David L. MacAdam; John C. Miller; Leonard O. Olsen; S.L. Quimby; Francis W. Sears; Frederick Seitz; C. Guy Suits; Mary E. Wargra

Absent: Harvey Brooks; Malcolm Correll; N.S. Gingrich; H. Victor Neher; Ray Pepinsky

AIP Staff Present: Elmer Hutchisson; Wallace Waterfall; Henry A. Barton; Mary M. Johnson. Gerald F. Gilbert, W.C. Kelly, Eugene H. Kone and Hugh C. Wolfe were present for the morning session and luncheon.

Chariman Sawyer convoked the meeting at 9:45 a.m. and introduced the new members present: Messrs. Ballard, Ferry and Miller.

2. Minutes

On motion made, seconded and carried, the minutes of the meeting of September 27, 1961, were approved as distributed.

3. Report of Annual Meeting

The Secretary reported that the annual meeting of the Corporation was held on February 23, 1962, with proxies representing all Member Societies present. He explained it was a routine meeting required by New York State law and that there was no business of importance transacted.

4. Report of Nominating Committee

The Director stated that he had received a report from the Nominating Committee, which consisted of Harvey Brooks, Chairman; James G. Baker and John H. Elliott, recommending that the present Executive Committee be reappointed for the current year. Upon motion made, seconded and passed without dissenting vote, the following members were reappointed for 1962:

Ralph A. Sawyer, Chairman
Wallace R. Brode
S.A. Goudsmit
W.W. Havens, Jr.
R.B. Lindsay
S.L. Quimby
Francis W. Sears

The Director also reported that the Nominating Committee nominated Ralph A. Sawyer to continue as Chairman of the Governing Board for another year, and James Hillier of RCA Laboratories as director-at-large of the Board for a 3-year term. There were no other nominations and the following motion was made seconded and passed without dissenting vote:

MOVED that the report of the Nominating Committee be accepted, and that Messrs. Sawyer and Hillier be declared elected Chairman and director-at-large, respectively.

  1. Appointment of Executive Committee
  2. Election of Chairman and Directors-at-Large

5. The Role of the Institute

The Chairman announced that this meeting had been planned so that most of the time could be spent on this subject. Certain Board members had been asked by the Director to lead off discussions in five areas concerning physics in which the Institute has an important role. Statements made by the speakers have been summarized or edited by them and are appended to these minutes as follows:

S.S. Ballard                       Appendix A
Winston E. Kock               Appendix B
R.H. Bolt                           Appendix C

R.B. Lindsay                     Appendix D
Leonard O. Olsen              Appendix E

W.W. Havens, Jr.               Appendix F
C. Guy Suits                      Appendix G

Wallace R. Brode              Appendix H
Frederick Seitz                  Appendix I

W.V. Houston                    Appendix J
Harvey Brooks
(by letter)                          Appendix K

  1. Improving Public Understanding of Physics
  2. Strengthening Physics Education
  3. Continued Support of Basic Research
  4. Public Problems
  5. Interdisciplinary Areas

From the general but brief discussion which followed each of the above talks, it appeared to be the consensus that:

  1. There is enthusiasm for the work which is being done by the Institute to improve public understanding of physics. The Institute should foster accuracy in the reporting of physics information to the public by others.
  2. All Societies are interested in strengthening physics education and a cooperative effort between the Institute and the Societies will be the most effective way of achieving this objective.
  3. There is no question of the need for continued support of basic research and the Institute can do much toward encouraging support through intelligent dissemination of information.
  4. While it was felt that scientists will necessarily be active in matters of public policy, it was agreed that training in government affairs and discretion are important requisites for effective participation.
  5. The Institute, as the uniting body for physics, is in an ideal position to bridge the gap between interdisciplinary areas embracing physics, and to guard the integrity of the profession.

At the conclusion of the above discussion, the following motion was made by Mr. Havens, seconded and passed without dissenting vote:

MOVED that the Director be encouraged to expand the Institute’s activity in all the areas discussed and to other concrete suggestions to the Governing Board and to the Executive Committee for action in these areas.

The meeting adjourned for luncheon at 12:25 p.m. and reconvened at 2:25 p.m.

6. Consideration of Desirability of “Constitutional Convention”

The Chairman stated that he had written to all Board members prior to this meeting outlining some of the problems which exist and asking whether it would be desirable to hold a “Constitutional Convention” to clarify the relationships between the Institute and Member Societies and to discuss their appropriate spheres of activity. During the discussion which ensued, it appeared to be the consensus that the annual Arden House meeting of the Board members and Society Officers would provide an appropriate atmosphere for discussion of such problems, and that it was premature to discuss any revision of constitutions at this time. It was suggested that the Institute prepare and distribute a clear-cut statement of problems and make recommendations as a basis for discussions at Arden House.

The possibility of a conflict in the area of corporate members was discussed, and it was agreed that this is one of the items which should be on the agenda for the proposed Arden House meeting. The Director suggested that a program committee, with representation from all Societies, be appointed to plan the discussion, and the Chairman said he would write to each Society requesting appointment of a representative to the planning committee. The Director added that other suggestions from Board members about the program will be welcome, and tentative plans will be presented to the Executive Committee for review at its next meeting on June 8.

In answer to a question, the Director said that, while it had previously been suggested the fall meeting be held in New York City in connection with a dedication of our new building addition at which Dannie Heineman would be honored, Mr. Heineman’s recent death had caused us to revise our plans. Any dedication ceremony, if held, would be a simple one.

7. Annual Report for 1961

A copy of the Annual Report was distributed to Board members prior to the meeting. The Director called attention to some minor corrections, and a copy of the final Report has been sent to all Board members prior to the meeting. The Director called attention to some minor corrections, and a copy of the final Report has been sent to all Board members separately. (Copy attached to official minutes.)

The following motion was made, seconded and passed without dissenting vote:

MOVED that the Director’s Annual Report for 1961 be accepted and published in PHYSICS TODAY as the report of the Board to members.

The Treasurer said that the financial report for 1961, which had been distributed to all Board members before the meeting, had contained a few errors which had been found and corrected by the auditors. These corrections made it necessary to change two figures in the Treasurer’s explanatory letter which accompanied the report. Copies of the correct report and explanatory letter are attached to these minutes. The Treasurer said that copies of the complete auditors report for 1961 would be sent to Society Secretaries and Treasurers.

A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made and passed without dissenting vote.

  1. Authorization for Publication in PHYSICS NOW
  2. Financial Statement for 1961

8. Report of Chairman (Review of Executive Committee Actions)

The Chairman reported that the Executive Committee had spent considerable time at is meeting yesterday on the subject of AIP circulation operations, and had reviewed in detail and approved the steps being taken to reduce complaints and eliminate their causes.

A new AIP organization chart is being drawn up and will be sent to Board members and Society officers in the near future.

At its meeting yesterday, the staff requested and was authorized by the Executive Committee to engage the services of management consultants for an amount not to exceed $15,000.00.

9. Dues Percentage to be Paid by Member Societies in 1963

The Secretary stated that, in accordance with the contract between the Institute and Member Societies, the Governing Board is required each year to set the percentage of dues which each Member Society will pay toward AIP operations for the following year. The figure has been 10% for many years now and the Executive Committee, at is meeting yesterday, recommended that it be set at 10% again for 1963. The following motion was made, seconded and passed without dissenting vote:

MOVED that ten percent (10%) of the dues collected in 1962 be set as the amount to be contributed by each Member Society for the support of the Institute in 1963.

10. Application of Geological Society of America for Affiliate Membership

The Secretary reported that a lease had been signed with the Geological Society of America covering their rental of the fourth floor of our building addition over a 5-year period at $15,500 per year. Recently GSA applied for membership in the Institute as an Affiliated Society and the Executive Committee, at tis meeting on December 9, 1961, recommended this application be approved. The following motion was made, seconded and passed without dissenting vote:

MOVED that the Geological Society of America be accepted as an Affiliated Society of the Institute.

11. Resoution in Appreciation of Dannie Heineman

Mr. Barton proposed that the following resolution in appreciation of Dannie Heineman, who recently passed away, be adopted by the Board and, upon motion made and carried unanimously it was so adopted:

Whereas, the Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics at its meeting on March 24, 1962 noted with great sorrow the passing on January 31, 1962 of Dannie N. Heineman, a distinguished and generous friend of physics, and

Whereas, the Insittute is greatly indebted to him for the provision of funds to incorporate in the Institute’s new building addition a suitably appointed room for a library of the history and philosophy of physics which Mr. Heineman’s suggestion will appropriately bear the name of Niels Bohr, and

Whereas, the Institute is further indebted to the Heineman Foundation for Research, Education, Charitable and Scientific Purposes, Inc., set up by Mr. and Mrs. Heineman, for the establishment in 1959 of “The Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics” of $2,500 for outstanding publication in the field of mathematical physics, and for the provision of funds to continue this award annually for ten years, and

Whereas, the officers of the American Institute of Physics have informed the Board that they feel deeply the loss of the stimulating and heartwarming friendliness of Mr. Heineman for the Institute and for its purpose of advancing the science of physics,

Now, Therefore, be it resolved that the American Institute of Physics place on record these words of acknowledgement, join with others in honoring the memory of Dannie. N. Heineman, and deliver to his family a suitably inscribe copy of the minutes together with the boards expression of deep sympathy in their bereavement.

12. Inquiry from American Vacuum Society

The Secretary reported that a delegation from the American Vacuum Society visited the Institute and expressed interest in becoming affiliated with AIP in some manner although no formal application has been submitted. AVS has approximately 800 members, and a check revealed about 25% of them are members of one or more AIP Societies.

13. Placement Service

Mr. Olsen asked whether it would be feasible for AIP to conduct a Placement Service operation at future Acoustical Society and Optical Society meetings—about one a year. The Director stated that it could probably be done if desired by the Societies.

13. Plans for Fall Meeting

Plans for the annual fall meeting of the Board members and Society officers at Arden House are covered in these minutes under Item #6. The dates from the meeting are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 26, 27 and 28, 1962.

The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.