November 19, 1932

Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

I. The Governing Board met, in accordance with action at the last meeting,  at 9:25 a.m. on November 19 , 1932 in New York City at the office of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated.

Present: Chairman K. T. Compton, Messrs. Arnold, Bingham, Davey, Dodge, Fletcher, Foote, Hunter, Klopsteg, Miller, Palmer, Pegram, Richtmyer, Tate and Director Barton and Treasurer Buffum.

Absent: Mr. Jones.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 14, 1932 was voted.


The Chairman reported that the result of the study of the possibility of aid to scientific abstracts journal from the fund of the American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia made by a committee of that society of which he was a member, was that the whole idea was given up on account of the very large sum requested for Chemistry ($50,000 a year), for Biology ($100,000 to $200,000) and for the social sciences (a still greater amount).

The Chairman also reported that a conference had been held by Dr. Barton and himself with Messrs. Parsons and Howe of the American Chemical Society, in which the position of the Institute of Physics with respect to the Journal of Physical Chemistry and the new Journal of Chemical Physics was made clear to these officers of the American Chemical Society.


The Treasurer made an informal report, showing the total expenses of the Institute to date for the year to be greater than the income by about $6000. This deficit is due largely to the Indebtedness to the Institute of the American Physical Society on account of the deficit at the time of transfer of the journals on May 1, and the deficit accumulated since that time.


The Secretary reported that after approval by the Commissioner of Education of New York of the certificate of incorporation, as a membership corporation, of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated, the certificate was signed by a judge of the Supreme Court on June 1, 1932, and filed in the office of the Secretary of State.


Mr. Barton read his report in which the progress of the Institute in handling the journals for the Societies was noted and the desirability of strong support for the Institute by the Societies in the immediate future was stressed. Copy of this report is attached to the official Minutes.

Following this report there was extended discussion of various matters pertaining to the editorial policy of the journals and particularly to the News and Views section of the Review of Scientific Instruments. Since the subjects discussed related mainly to editorial policy it was on motion of Mr. Richtymer voted:

that the Director early in the spring call a special conference of editors of the several journals published by the Institute.

Following this Mr. Richtmyer raised the question of whether the Review of Scientific Instruments should continue to publish abstracts of articles relating to instruments. It was the sense of the Board that this question should be considered at the conference of editors in the spring.


The Chairman requested the Secretary to read the Minutes of the last two meetings of the Executive Committee, namely, the meetings of May 14, 1932 and September 23, 1932.

On motion it was voted:

to approve the Report of the Executive Committee.

On motion it was voted:

to ratify the action of the Executive Committee in adopting the following resolution:

“RESOLVED: That the funds of this Corporation shall be deposited in the FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY, subject to withdrawal by check, draft, note or order of the Corporation signed by its treasurer.

And the said Bank is hereby authorized to pay such checks, drafts, notes or orders, and also to receive the same for the credit of or in payment from the payee or any other holder when so signed without inquiry as to the circumstances of their issue or the disposition of their proceeds, whether drawn to the individual order of or tendered in payment of individual obligation of any officer of this Company or otherwise.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the treasurer be authorized to borrow on account of this Corporation from and discount with the FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY, and for that purpose to make, execute and deliver promissory notes of this Corporation, to endorse and deliver any negotiable instrument which may belong to this Corporation to the said Bank, and to execute and deliver all instruments of assignment and to transfer with or without seal which may be required to carry this resolution into effect.

(signed) George B. Pegram, Secretary

Attest: Karl T. Compton, President,
September 23, 1932.”

On motion it was voted:

to ratify the vote of the Directors taken by mail in August, 1932, at the request of the Chairman approving the following resolutions:

  1. Resolved that W. W. Buffum be, and hereby is, elected Treasurer of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated, for the year October 1, 1932 to September 30, 1933.
  2. Resolved that Henry A. Barton be, and hereby is, elected Director of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated, for the year October 1, 1932 to September 30, 1933 at a salary of $7000 for the year.
  3. Resolved that an allowance of not more than $2000 to be used in the employment of a research assistant be made to the Director for the year October 1, 1932 to September 30, 1933.
  4. Resolved that John T. Tate be reappointed Adviser on Publications and that an allowance of not more than $1500 be made as a stipend, the terms of his engagement to be arranged by the Executive Committee.

On motion it was voted:

to extend the term of office of the Director from October 1, 1933 to December 31, 1933.

On motion it was voted:

to extend the term of office of the Treasurer from October 1, 1933 to December 31, 1933.


The special Committee on Publications, composed of Messrs. Tate, Barton, Buffum and Pegram and Compton, chairman, reported that as the result of a thorough study of bids from three printing firms it concluded that it must recommend acceptance of the bid of the Lancaster Press for the 1933 printing of the Institute, which bid will mean a saving on all the publications of perhaps $20,000 as compared with the 1932 costs. A copy of the report of this committee is filed with the official copy of these Minutes.

On motion it was voted:

to approve the report of the subcommittee on Publications.


Mr. Barton explained how experience with the office work in connection with publication was bringing up certain problems in accounting and he indicated how they were being met tentatively.

On motion it was voted:

to approve the allocation of charges that had been made by the Director.


The Director raised the question of how much of the savings made through the Institute on the publications of the Societies should properly go to the Institute to be applied to meeting its own expenses.

A motion by Mr. Fletcher, duly seconded and discussed, was as follows:

Moved that an accounting be made of the actual cost of each publication and that a pro rata charge be added in billing the society responsible for the publication, the proper factor to be determined by the executive committee.

On motion of Mr. Foote it was voted:

to adjourn for luncheon and to ask a committee to make a report on this subject at the afternoon session.

The chair appointed on this committee Messrs. Foote, chairman, Tate and Richtmyer.

Recess for luncheon from one-thirty to two-fifty-five p.m.

In discussion of Mr. Fletcher’s motion Mr. Foote reported for the committee as follows:

In view of the complexity of details regarding costs of publication and miscellaneous sources of income, the committee recommends the following substitute for the present motion:

For an experimental period comprising the year 1933 only, each Society should pay the Institute for the publication of its journal or journals, an amount not to exceed that established by the rate effective in 1931 prior to cooperation with the Institute.

On motion it was voted:

to adopt this substitute for Mr. Fletcher’s motion

On motion of Mr. Davey the following resolution was adopted:

RESOLVED that ultimately each of the member Societies of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated will be billed annually on the basis of the cost of production of the journal or journals of the Societies plus pro rata overheard, plus a pro-rated charge to cover the cost of non-publication activities of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated after any income of the Institute itself that may properly be applied to meet this cost has been so applied.

On motion of Mr. Richtmyer it was voted:

that the member Societies be requested to make available to the Institute as soon as possible the funds allocated to publications.


On motion of Mr. Richtmyer it was voted:

to appoint a Committee on Policy to report to the Governing Board on the general subject of the self support of the Institute.

The chair appointed on this committee Messrs. Foote, chairman, Arnold, Barton, Richtmyer, Pegram and Tate.

XII. Mr. Richtmyer for the Optical Society of America submitted a list of associate editors for the Review of Scientific Instruments, since these are to be appointed on the nomination of the Optical Society:

H.A Barton J.A. Becker K.K. Darrow
Saul Dushman J.C. Boyce I.C. Gardner
P.E. Klopsteg J.R. Collins G.R. Harrison
A.E. Ruark E.L. Hill L.W. McKeehan
H.B. Williams A.H. Pfund G.W. Stewart
P.I. Wold L.W. Taylor L.A. Turner

On motion it was voted:

to appoint this list of associate editors and to authorize the editor to appoint not more than six others in his discretion.

On motion it was voted:

to recommend the reappointment of Mr. Leeds as Assistant Business Manager of the Review of Scientific Instruments.


On motion it was voted:

to approve the appointment of the following list of Associate Editors of the Journal of Chemical Physics for the terms of six years:

  • D.H. Andrews, Johns Hopkins University
  • E.U. Condon, Princeton University
  • Farrington Daniell, University of Wisconsin
  • Wheeler P. Davey, Pennsylvania State College
  • D.M. Dennison, University of Michigan
  • Karl S. Herzfeld, Johns Hopkins University
  • T.R. Hogness, University of Chicago
  • E.R. Jette, Columbia University
  • F.G. Keyes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • G.B. Kistiakowsky, Harvard University
  • E.L. Kraemer, DuPont Company
  • C.H. Kunsman, Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory
  • V.K. LaMer, Columbia University
  • A.C.G. Mitchell, New York University
  • W.A. Noyes, Jr., Brown University
  • Linus Pauling, California Institute of Technology
  • C.P. Smythe, Princeton University
  • H.F. Taylor, Princeton University
  • F.G. Donnan, University of London
  • R.H. Fowler, Cambridge University
  • C.N. Hinchelwood, Oxford University


XIV. The Board adjourned at five-twenty p.m.