Educational Games

Illustration for Center for History of Physics Games. Fun font surrounded by little atoms and planets and other science symbols

The Center for History of Physics has created three educational games about the history of the physical scientists.

Heads Up 

A "who's who" in the history of the physical sciences. Students learn to recognize major figures, some well-known and some less well-known. These cards highlight a diverse spectrum of scientists.


Students build timelines and develop a larger perspective on the chronological development of physics. They also learn how the history of physics fits into a larger U.S. and World history. Want to build even bigger timelines? Use the Heads Up cards and ask students to fit the scientists in based on their birth years!

This game is in the middle of an expansion which will enable the game to be played with a focus on different historical time periods: Ancient Times to 1500, 1500 to 1800, and 1800 to the Present. The first of these expanded decks is now available. 

Legacy Phystory Documents:

​Scientists of Catan

A parody of "Settlers of Catan" about navigating the world of working in science. This one is mostly just for fun. 

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