Communities for Science Historians

These organizations enable scholars, teachers, journalists, graduate students, and other professionals involved in the history of the physical sciences to meet and exchange ideas and resources. 

ħ-Physical Sciences  on H-Net
ħ-Physical Sciences is an interactive newsletter and resource nexus for historians of the physical sciences. It is affiliated with the History of Science Society’s Forum for Physical Science, and is hosted on H-Net, which supports web-based information for this and many other thematic approaches to history

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Committee on History & Philosophy in Physics

American Astronomical Society (AAS) Historical Astronomy Division
The Division shall exist for the purpose of advancing interest in topics relating to the historical nature of astronomy. By historical astronomy we include the history of astronomy; what has come to be known as archaeoastronomy; and the application of historical records to modern astrophysical problems. Meetings shall be organized to promote adequate discussion among participants and shall attempt to provide a forum for discussion of recent developments in these areas. The Division will assist the Society in the commemoration of important historical anniversaries and in the archival preservation of current materials of importance to future historians of astronomy.

American Geophysical Union (AGU) History of Geophysics Committee
The History of Geophysics Committee (HGC) fosters an ongoing interest in the history of geophysics and unites the various Sections within the American Geophysical Union.  HGC is also charged with building interdisciplinary interaction, and educating AGU members about the nature and importance of the problems and issues in the history of geophysics--and its relevance to contemporary policy.  The Committee includes members from each of the AGU Sections, as well as historians and librarians with an interest in the Earth and space sciences.

American Physical Society (APS) Forum on the History of Physics
The Forum on the History of Physics brings together physicists, historians, and other members of APS with an interest in the history physics and its impact on culture, education, and physics research itself.