Entry-level Physics and Engineering Jobs

There are a number of opportunities for employment for individuals with undergraduate degrees in physics or engineering disciples who have not yet made the decision to pursue an advanced degree. Such positions can lead to a variety of highly rewarding managerial and executive careers.

The financial sector, for example, considers physics majors for entry-level positions in quantitative research and developing models for financial analysis. In general, positions in computer programming will be given to physics majors if the programs being developed require technical knowledge in some area of physics.

Medical physics is a large field that includes radiation safety officers and physicists who calculate radiation doses for cancer treatment. Medical physicists also calibrate and test equipment for ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance, and radioisotope imaging.

Physicists also work in the manufacturing and marketing of medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, as well as in high tech industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductors, computer manufacturing, and nuclear energy.

Government agencies involved in national security and research have a need for individuals with a physics background too.

Whatever your interest, if you are seeking an entry-level engineering or technical science job, Physics Today Jobs has a wealth of job openings that might interest you.

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