Member Society Liaison Committees

Liaison Committees facilitate exchange of information and foster Member Society cooperation and possible collaboration in specific program areas. The committees carry out their work by sharing news and information, engaging in learning opportunities, and gathering input from external experts, as needed.

•   10-14 members; 10 named by Member Societies
•   3-year terms; terms expire on 31 December of year indicated

Liaison Committee on Education

Janelle Bailey, Chair (2017, AAPT)
Curtis Burrill (2018, OSA)
Tom Christensen (2019, AVS)
James Cottingham (2017, ASA)
Theodore Hodapp (2017, APS)
Charles Liu (2017, AAS)
Elizabeth Mills (2017, AMS)
Jonathan P. Rothstein (2017, SOR)
George Starkschall (2017, AAPM)
Kraig Wheeler (2018, ACA)
Brad Conrad, SPS, Ex-officio
Liz Dart Caron, Staff Liaison

Liaison Committee on Public Policy

Kristen Averyt (2019, AMS)
Joel N. Bregman (2019, AAS)
Chris Cahill (2020, ACA)
Mark Elsesser (2020, APS)
Daniel Gaspar (2020, AVS)
Ruth Howes (2019, AAPT)
Laura Kolton (2020, OSA)
Jai Pathak (2020, SOR)
Russell B. Tarver, MS, FAAPM (2019, AAPM)
Ed Walsh (2019, ASA)Jennifer Greenamoyer, Staff Liaison

Liaison Committee on History

Lourdes B. Aviles (2018, AMS)
Fredericka Bell-Berti (2018, ASA)
Mae Cheung (2017, OSA)
Robert P. Crease (2018, APS)
Steve Iona (2018, AAPT)
Gareth McKinley (2019, SOR)
Miriam Rossi (2018, ACA)
Larry Rothenberg (2019, AAPM)
Marc Rothenberg (2017, AAS)
Marcy Stutzman (2017, AVS)
Greg Good, Staff Liaison

Liaison Committee on Underrepresented Minorities

Krystle J. McLaughlin, Chair (2018, ACA)
Stephen Avery (2017, AAPM)
Tessa Bent (2019, ASA)
David Marasco (2018, AAPT)
David J. Ernst (2016, NSHP)
Paul L Gueye (2017, NSBP)
Elizabeth Mills (2017, AMS)
Daphne Pappas (2018, AVS) 
Monica Plisch (2019, APS)
Maryam Sepehr (2019, SOR)
Chad Stark (2018, OSA)
Kartik Sheth (2018, AAS)
Philip “Bo” Hammer, Staff Liaison